The Başar Otel – A Family Affair

Turks fascinate me! The way they network and the way they ‘keep it in the family’.

Take my dentist for example. Kadriye is the best diş hekimi (tooth doctor) I’ve ever had in my life. Now her daughter has qualified and they operate side by side out of their state-of-the-art surgery. Across the road are the beautifully turned out offices of a successful building engineer who happens to be . . . Kadriye’s son. Together they own and run the superb Başar Otel (say Bashar) in the famous holiday town of Dalyan.

Nearly every day Kadriye tends her garden, prepares a few dishes for the hotel and then spends her day doing what dentists do. In the evening she arrives at the hotel with her daughter in a car laden with home-made dishes to be met by her son Başar who has already been there for a couple of hours from his offices. Her daughter Başak smiles and describes her this way – ‘My mother is a working woman, she is always working!’ And smiling – I marvel at her energy!

Between them this family, together with their staff, have created  an oasis on the edge of Dalyan. The majority of their customers are regular returnees and with good reasons.

Basar 2_1

Just five minutes walk from the bustling centre of town the hotel is far enough away that you will not be disturbed by blaring disco bars competing for your attention.


With 34 good sized rooms in four blocks grouped around the gorgeous pool and terrace, the hotel looks out over unspoilt views to the nearby mountains. Rooms, dining room, gardens and pool are well maintained and cared for.

Büfe Aksam

Most guests settle for half board, again, with good reason – fine Turkish cuisine and plenty of it. Visitors are welcomed and because of the very reasonable prices the Başar is popular with ex-pat regulars and locals alike. As a guide, evening buffet is just 10 euros, breakfast 6 euros and a snack lunch ranges from 6-10 lira. At these prices you can afford to dine out often with the added bonus of no washing up! Drinks are also modestly priced and there is live music every Monday throughout the season with ‘gentle-on-the-ears’ English and Turkish standards.

Basar pool at night

A moonlit evening sitting on the pool terrace or your balcony, glass in hand, looking out over the silvery fields towards the mountains is a magical experience. Add in that delicious meal and you have all the ingredients for a perfect holiday hotel in an area of the world that is rightly described as a ‘corner of paradise’.

Başar Otel, Maraş Mah. Şavkar Sok. No 26/28, Dalyan

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

Inflamedps Archers does not generally do hotel/restaurant promotions. Truth to tell, the Başar is its own best promoter by the service it provides. That said, when your dentist is in your face doing some serious root canal work it would not be nice (or sensible) to decline her very reasonable request to write something about a place where J and I have enjoyed some delicious meals ‘socialising’ with two of the finest exponents of the dental drill!


15 thoughts on “The Başar Otel – A Family Affair

  1. When we’re down Dalyan way, we’ll make a point of having bed, scale and polish and, since I’ve cracked one of my Turkish-installed crowns, it may be sooner than you think. Be afraid!

    1. what a deal you could get! J’s sister came out and had 16 crowns and bridges done by Kadriye. Job finished in 10 days and she went home with a mouth full of gleaming porcelain at a tiny fraction of what it would have cost in the UK. The lab she uses in Izmir is used by dentists all over Europe. If you are serious let me know I can set things up and facilitate – I don’t know the meaning of fear!!

      1. I got all mine done in Yalikavak (amazing price) and will pop back at some stage to replace the one I’ve cracked – silly me. It won’t this year though. I’ll let you know!

  2. Alan, It sounds as if after a stay at the Başar Otel, one is feeling no pain! Kadriye has quite a racket, what with having everyone in the family helping with the superb bedside manner. It’s really amazing how good the dental work here is at a very small fraction of what it would cost us in the states. Kadriye sounds like a gem.

  3. Your photo put a smile on my face, I can just imagine Kadriye at work – we do all our dentistry at our “Kadriye” in Istanbul, as a matter of fact, my husband is having his implant done and happy to go back and forth a few times – all added, still a fraction of a cost that is done in England!: ) Basar looks superb; I loved that open plan kitchen/sitting area with great big windows!! That’s my ideal permanent retirement- maybe earlier!- place; enjoy!

  4. All looks fabulous. Good luck with the dental work. Ashley had every tooth in his head replaced or crowned, capped or bridged here in Selçuk – more than ıt would have cost on the NHS (who started the work but, according to our dentist here, did not do it very well), but a great deal less than privately in the UK.

    1. all done and dusted Hilary, thank you. The hotel really is a good one when you are next exploring around this area.

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