Testing The Bonds Of Friendship

J and I are enjoying a wonderful few days with wonderful new friends – a friendship that has been facilitated and fostered by blogging! Moving from e-friendship to real friendship has a huge potential for disappointment – it also has the potential to lay the foundation stones for something special.

As e-friends our new real friends were in the habit of encouraging me to get to work on a book project about the ‘Back Roads of Turkey’ on which they would collaborate. They would ‘Ohhh!’ and ‘Ahhh!’ in voyeuristic appreciation when I posted about the ‘off-the-beaten-track’ trips that J and I make from time to time.

Now, as the only part of this ‘literary’ trio who actually lives in this country and who, it therefore follows, would have to do a lot of the leg-work, I have hatched a plan to test their adventurous mettle and the strength of out new friendship. They don’t know it yet, but tomorrow they are going on an ‘field trip’. With a bit of luck and a fair breeze, we’re going to end up as far away from ‘civilisation’ as it’s possible to get in the hours available before we have to break off and head for our favorite village restaurant which is built on wooden platforms over a beautiful, freezing cold river! Going to be a bit like going on an ‘Outward Bound’ course! He-he-he!

Here’s a clue for those who are too impatient and just have to know now!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

6 thoughts on “Testing The Bonds Of Friendship

    1. . . the best laid plans and all that stuff – just got them back a couple of hours ago; unscathed and they appear to have had a fabulous time enjoying every minute and every new bend in the road. We’re considering coming out of retirement and starting a tour company! Are we tempting you?

    1. . . these guys are really terrific folks – good luck to you and Liam on the next stage of your journey – as Dave Allen used to say ‘May your god go with you.’ Sorry that we never met up in the real world, I think it might have been a gas!

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