Impressions Backstreet Backdrops in Safranbolu

A few personal impressions of a beautiful town – away from the noise and fumes of traffic; and not a tourist to be found anywhere. You might also enjoy this humorous observation of this unique UNESCO World Heritage City.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

some of the many charming shops behind the restored kervansaray

Imperial past and faded grandeur

a lovely pair of knockers

. . and all about the house not a creature stirred; not even a little mouse

or here

unique to Safranbolu – a Snail Bush

backstreet industry

. . dreaming of a lost past or a future revival?

. . the Mosque on the Floss

another pair of pert beauties

. . a Turkish tradition being kept alive

away from the madding crowds


The Invasion Of The Body-Snatchers

The beautiful and historic town of Safranbolu in Karabük Province is the scene of truly mysterious goings-on. I am convinced that Turks who visit the place are being abducted – ‘vanished’ into thin air, or even beamed up to orbiting spacecraft.

I’m not joking, this is deadly serious! Consider the facts: there are hardly any Turks to be seen anywhere on the streets as dusk falls and night closes in. A few individuals can be seen peering from the doorways of houses, hotels and shops as they anxiously scan the streets. What or who are they looking for? What or who are they afraid of?

dusk and the Scouts are out

On our last evening in the town we secretly captured the evidence of Aliens disguised as South Koreans and Taiwanese tourists searching the streets with their hand-held ‘Turktectors’. These Aliens patrol in pairs and some even go mob-handed as they rush from place to place pointing their devices at buildings, into windows and doorways. J and I were scanned on numerous occasions – whilst eating, entering our hotel and whilst sitting enjoying a quiet beer in the deep evening shadows.

These devices must have some seriously advanced technology or work at the extreme ends of the visual spectrum because my own fairly new camera was struggling to capture enough light even at the highest ISO settings. The Aliens, on the other hand, seemed to have no such problems.

I know many of you will think that I’m making all this up; that I’m some deranged ‘conspiracy theory’ nutter, but I’m not. Here is the rather grainy but un-PhotoShopped evidence – now tell me there aren’t advanced civilisations out amongst the stars or even a fifth dimension. How else to explain those missing Turks!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü


here they come
the hunt is on . .
Jeez, they've spotted me - the garlic yoghurt is my last line of defense

Seeing Is Believing!

Yesterday was not a good day for things techno; I’ve forgotten my cable links between GPS and computer and the built-in card reader on this machine has decided to lead an independent life! I wasn’t prepared to go out to the car and get my other machine, even for you lot, loyal as you have been to posts past, so it had to be good old Google images to the rescue. Anyway, knowing you can sniff out a bulls*#^ter a mile away, I thought it best to make the effort and put up a few of my own from yesterday. (see below)

Today we continued our usual habit of wandering along windy country and mountain roads enjoying the fantastic vistas that are central Anatolia. Where are we tonight? Safranbolu. We’re in a charming restored konak that now pretends to be a ‘butik otel’. I say pretends because it is just like living in it as it was a hundred years ago – except for the toilet, which I will come to later. We are here to visit out Turkish ‘son’ and his wife who are currently working near here. He suggested this hotel, being one of the best in town, and the management seem to think that, with three laptops, we are special, undercover hotel inspectors for Lonely Planet and have offered us a huge discount on their usual rate! We’ll be here for a few days before wandering off to rummage around the area and further afield.

Anyway, back to the toilet! I don’t know about you but I need to feel at ease and comfortable when . . you know! Damn it! A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to pop in there with the camera – back shortly.

I mean, look at this; how can one relax with ones knees jammed into the wall tiles? If I wasn’t getting this place for a fraction of the normal rate I’d be demanding a rebate for the stress factor!

A & J

Afyon Kara Hisar (Opium Black Castle) in the first rays of the rising sun
zoomed a bit
Afyon side street
on top of the heap with all those helpful students
. . and she was only wearing sandals!
another of those interminable pictures of old houses