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 ‘Greater Love Hath No Man Than He Opens Up His Superbly Successful Blog To Lesser Mortals!’

 Thanks Jack, for the opportunity to guest post on your blog.

For those who would like a refreshingly different and humorous take on life here in Turkey, go check it out – and make sure you cycle back through some of Jack’s stuff – I think he’ll surprise you!

Alan Fenn, Okcular Koyu


Guest Post on ‘easyJet’ Holiday Blog: Behind The Veil Of Tourism – the real face of Turkey

Okçular, where I live, is a relatively unknown, unexplored and unappreciated corner of Muğla Province – at least as far as tourists and visitors to this region are concerned, and yet it is staggeringly beautiful and bio-diverse. I recently got the chance to publish an article about this hidden gem on the EasyJet Holidays blog. Here’s a preview:

Half way between the tourist magnets of Fethiye and Marmaris and snuggled between mountains, lake and the world-famous İztuzu Turtle Beach lies the town of Dalyan set in the midst of Turkey’s first Specially Protected Area. Dalyan has long been a destination of choice for those who want to get a little bit closer to ‘Toprakana’; Mother Earth.

Beautiful as Dalyan is, it cannot compare with its immediate neighbour for those who love walking or cycling or peace and quiet and getting up close and personal with the natural world. If exploring away from the regimentation of guided tours is your thing, then . . .

Welcome To Okçular Village . . . to read the complete post click here


Kocadere Valley - Okçular

My thanks to the team at EasyJet Holidays for giving me this opportunity. I hope you enjoy exploring ‘Archers of Okcular‘, our sister website and I do hope you will come and visit Okçular Village – we are waiting for you!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü