Over Easy?

Ohhh! This feels so good – being home, I mean. Sun; blue skies; fresh air; no noise; neighbours who smile; Spring flowers; no traffic; chopping firewood while a robin serenades me; sleeping in my own bed; the sharp, affectionate attention of our 9kg (you read that right) ‘SAS badged’ moggy; and above and beyond all these – J! Yes! I’m glad to be back.

Weighed against the pleasures of being here are the pleasures of spending time with those I’ve left back there in the olive-drabness of Blighty. Daughter, grandsons, older sister and other relatives – between them they made this a memorable visit, crammed full of good things. I’ll not be quite so reluctant to run the gauntlet again of the ‘Jobswurfs’, Gestapo apparatchiks and general, all-round arse’oles that constitutes the corps of less-than-civil servants that seem drawn to airports (and me in particular) like ghouls to the Rue Morgue!

Turkey may lack English bitter beer and Stilton cheese, but it has everything else that this particular ‘Boffer’ needs to call it home; and at risk of being a total bore I’m going to say it again – it feels so good to be home!

Oh! and the title ‘Over Easy’? A small tribute to EasyJet and their cheerful cabin crew who made the flight back a really relaxing experience. That Airbus A320 might not have had reclining seats (not a bad idea when your nose is a bare 12 inches from the seat in front) but when only 10% of them are occupied there’s plenty of room to stretch out across the row and get your head down!

Alan Fenn, back home in Turkey