Stuff You!

There is a certain selfish beauty to having your own blog – you can post stuff and say “Hey! This interests me’, or ‘This moves me!’ and unless you are in the business of pandering to punters and making money from what you do, it doesn’t matter a toss! If nothing else, your sister/brother/daughter/grandson/niece will pat you on the back and puff up your ego with a comment or two.

Last post I did just that about the deeply moving (for me) memorial at Lidice in what was Czechoslovakia; it seemed to move very few others. What the f@#*! This is the freedom of blogging and blog reading/following – choice is everything.

To commemorate the lack of interest in my last offering I am able to compound it (because I can) with the following:

I am not a lover of banks or the economic system of which they are a huge part, I would see it abolished (but that is another story); I am, however, a lover of ‘Flash Mobs’ and contrived as this was it’s pretty bloody good! (thank you ‘Jakatay’ for drawing attention)

Enjoy! (or at least offer up a bloody comment!)

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

17 thoughts on “Stuff You!

  1. Great street concert, love the kids’ reactions. I didn’t comment on your last post because I found it too upsetting. As the mother of two small children, I am emotionally incapable of processing such unspeakable barbarity. I think most like me would feel the same. Just too sad!

    1. Fiona, I’m deeply sorry to have cut so deep! Lidice was such an appalling crime that I felt it had to be marked – the tragedy is that the crimes go on in pursuit of resources and power by the Western ‘democracies’. There are mothers like you who’s lives and families have been devastated by US/European greed. We all bear responsibility and need to stand up against it. There is a better way! As a former professional, so-called, Special Forces soldier I know that war is a racket!

  2. Alan, Yes, we usually find that when we post political articles, they receive much fewer comments. (Maybe because not many people agree with us. But we do it for ourselves anyway – so there!) Now the Ode to Joy really provoked a joyful reaction from us. What a lovely, lovely video. Thanks.

    1. . . isn’t it just! As for the other stuff, you are right – I think you are a lot more balanced about things than I am 🙂

  3. And one of the down sides of blogging is you can be completely self-absorbed and fret continually about no-one commenting on what you thought was a moving/brilliant post and why instead they choose to comment on the one with George and the bird…

    Notice you’ve had a bit of a refurb too…noice one mate!

    1. ‘. . self-absorbed?’ Moi?’ Hiya Kym – trust you to bring some Antipodean common-sense! Trouble is me missus has been in UK for 10 days and I’ve lost all direction 🙂

  4. I always love to flash in a mob as it reduces the chances of arrest. BTW, my brothers, sisters, mother, friends, dog etc rarely comment on the blog (if at all). Unlike me, they have a life! 🙂

    1. Ha! Same with my family – not once! As you say, too busy to bother with such drivel. Love the whole thing around flash-mobs – best thing since sliced bread!

        1. . . no apology needed Fiona; I let them all stand as a reminder to me that a little sensitivity is no small thing 🙂

  5. I was just sent this video too and loved it! I especially love the dance ones eg in London railway stations etc! Do you know those? I would so love to be part of one myself! Imagine the fun of it!

  6. oh my comment disappeared! Just to say that I was sent this video recently and loved it. I especially love the dance flashmobs and would so love to be part of one!

    1. Hi Claudia! It is a pretty good video – uplifting and smiley! Seen a couple of different ones from railway stations and it is pretty wonderful to see how they raise people’s spirits.

    1. Hello Yvonne and welcome to Archers! It’s a splendid example, isn’t it? Like you, I’d love to be a part of something like this – anything that is harmless and makes people smile has got to be good.

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