They do get a bad press; I mean, turn your back for two minutes and they’re in through the basement window and changing the locks before you know it! AND once they’re in it’s damn nigh impossible to get them out; try asking them to leave and what do you get? Abuse, that’s what you get – that and a threatening mob gathering outside! ‘. . . you’re only pickin’ on us ‘cos we’re different!’ ‘ . . . look atcha; got this great big ‘ouse. You only live in one bit of it and you begrudge us a bit of shelter from the rain an’ cold – Bustard!’ ‘Wot about our kids, eh? Where are they s’posed to grow up? Answer me that! In the gutter for all you care!’ ‘You lot are all the same; stalkin’ about wiv yer beak in the air! You wanna watch it, you do!’

Highly charged pictorial evidence of illegal mob squatting at expensive, high-rise, holiday condo cum maternity home near the shores of beautiful Lake Eğirdir, İsparta Province. (enlarge to see how many of the little buggers there are)

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

6 thoughts on “Squatters!

  1. Alan – laughing up a storm as usual, great post. Your tongue-in-cheek writing style has got me going yet again! Would that I could write so eloquently about our resident geckos on Bozcaada, who have the habit of scaring the bejesus out of me in the bathroom at night! Elspeth

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