Speaking Planely (sic)

OK! I admit it; I’ve been playing ‘hooky’. ‘Boggin’ off!’ ‘Skiving off!’ ‘Shirking my responsibilities!’

Do I care? Nah! And truth be told, neither do you! Go on, admit it; it’s a bit of a relief when one of those bloggers you follow lets things slip and misses posting for a while. At least then you get to fill part of your days with something worthwhile like twittering or pinteresting and you’re not consumed by guilt for not commenting on the inane mutterings from some boring old bloke in some backwater in SW Turkey.

Truth to tell there’ve been a few chores to take care of – stuff like exploring why the pool has been leaking the top six inches of water these past few years. Now, that was an interesting investigation which led to finding a hair-line crack in the grouting. Some gentle tapping led to the discovery that one part (I hope only one part) of the job had been bodged fifteen years ago.

the length and depth of the problem

When the top of the pool was being levelled, concrete was chucked on top of mud and dirt over a length of about two metres. The whole had then been tiled over meaning that there was nothing but tiles and tile cement between water and a six foot long plug-hole! Considering we have minor earth tremors most years it’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did.

Another lesson not learned! When we came to have our house built our good friend Emine told us to keep a close eye on everything – ‘Alan, you must have kontrolation!’ she would tell us in her splendidly Germanic English. She wasn’t wrong!

So, with that job jobbed (if you want a job done properly, do it yourself), it was time to get back with a project I started more than eight years ago which got shelved (literally) when the battle to stop the quarry and cement works in our beautiful Kocadere Valley got under way.

Back in those pre-conflict days I decided that I wanted to take up radio-controlled model aircraft building and flying. With no experience of building or flying and with no suitable places to fly out of or from, it seemed like an idea thats time had surely come!

. . so what do you use the kitchen table for?

Anyway, it was to be none of this plastic nearly-ready-to-fly nonsense for me – it would be balsa, ‘liteply’ and a selection of glues, scalpels, shrink-wrap coverings, bloodshot eyes and a six foot wingspan! I had time for these sorts of things back then what with no blogging or social media stuff to get in the way. Things went well until the quarry came along and then the various part-built bits and bobs began to gather those eight years of dirt and cobwebs – they entered a sort of time warp and faded from consciousness. Until a couple of weeks back, that is, when ‘Sleeping Beauty’ emerged into the light of day, got dusted down and generally damn-near finished. There are a few bits left to do, but I couldn’t wait for those before clamping the fuselage into my Workmate and firing up the engine – Ahhh! the smell of nitro-methane! Heady stuff!

I’m searching around for somewhere smooth enough for take off and landing and meanwhile practicing with the flight simulator – then it’s ‘Brrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm!

Alan Fenn, (taking revenge for all the times I was told ‘No!’ as a kid) Okçular Köyü


11 thoughts on “Speaking Planely (sic)

  1. my late husband used to spend months building these once he built a messerchmitt over the winter months, complete with action man pilot…test flight up, barrel roll, action man bailed out
    smack …..pile of balsa wood..bless him he was gutted spent the next 4 months putting it together again more epoxy resin than balsa i think it may still be in my loft

  2. . . just as well the pilot bailed out! I have no illusions about those first flights – what goes up must come down – just hoping this one is a bit of a floater. We’ll see! Like your late hubbies stick-ability though.

  3. Well done that man! like you I have recently decided to cut down on my “browsing” time and get my house in order, as it were, just popping in and out again, like normal people, just in case I miss something! I too have resusitated some hobbies and embarked on an idea of “ev dekorasayon”, spending time on articles which I think are good and beautiful but guess no one else will! So deflating! Hopefully your plane’s maiden flight will be a success, just remember to keep it under Dalaman’s radar, don’t want you creating a security alert! I hope you have better luck than my brother-in-law who successfully flew the planes but could never land the buggers! Hmmmmm – he got through quite a few. Good luck

  4. Hi Allan,

    Your friend was right. When you hire people to work on your house, it is really important to watch over them or have someone you can trust to the manning. There are really people who take shortcuts in your house and it will take some time for you to realize the low-quality job they did.

  5. Alan, next time you take a break from blogging perhaps you’d consider coming up to Istanbul and helping out on the repairs to our apartment building. We’ve got cracks to fix and you seem to be the man to do it! As for the plane, the newly launched sea plane service between the Halıç here and Bozcada, Alaçatı and Bodrum gave me an idea. Perhaps you could rig your plane with pontoons and use your newly repaired pool as a take off and landing strip?

    1. 🙂 when we moved from the UK I brought all my tools with me and usually have something or other on the go/repairing. As for the seaplane thing – funny you should mention that because sitting in its boxes waiting to be assembled (this one is an almost-ready-to-fly job) is a Cessna with a decent sized 4-stroke engine and a set of floats! It would need a lot more than the pool to get airborne, however. Will need to get in some practice first!

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