Incredible Okçular!

Some People Have No Shame!

OK! OK! I admit it – this is vanity; shameless self-promotion; call it whatever you like. I’m still going to do it anyway!

Here’s the deal; I’m offering two autographed copies (for what that’s worth!) of my book ‘Okçular Village – a Guide’ posted to any address anywhere on the planet. The book is written in English and Turkish so it’s a great companion for those learning either language; it covers some history of the area, stories from our old folks, flora/fauna, walks with accurate, hand-drawn maps and instructions and lots of photos. Printed on high quality paper and stitched for security, the book is (so I’ve been told many times) a delightful read and a great keepsake. There have been no less than three reviews in Today’s Zaman newspaper.

Because the book, along with its companion ‘Backways & Trackways’, is produced and ‘sold’ with the sole aim of raising funds for environmental and community projects in our village I will pay for the books and postage from my own pocket. What I hope is that whoever wins this prize will promote the book to everyone they know and encourage them to go to our village website where they can use PayPal to order their own copy whilst supporting our Book Project. In fact, whether you win or not, I hope you will support us. You can learn more by clicking on the tab at the top of this page.

All you have to do to qualify (and here comes the shameless self-promotion bit) is become a ‘Follower’ of ‘Archers of Okçular’ on Networked Blogs, or ‘Like’ ‘Archers of Okçular’ on Facebook. Go to the side panel to the right and find the ‘Networked Blogs’ or ‘Facebook’ box and add yourself to the total. You can click one or both – when each one reaches the magic 100 mark I will put the names in a hat and have J draw a winner. I’ll contact you via your Facebook id and invite you to email me an address where you want me to send your prize. I will not divulge your information to any third party. You can speed the fun along by encouraging your family and friends to join in and keep tabs on the progress of the ‘Prize Draw’ by checking the respective boxes from time to time.

So, with just a few seconds of your time you have two 1% chances to win my super little book about my village – if you don’t think that this is the best book about Okçular ever written, you can return it for a full refund! I can’t be fairer than that, can I?

14 thoughts on “Some People Have No Shame!

    1. Oh! Great! I wish you luck. I really appreciate you offering to promote the book – we have been able to do a lot already for the village, particularly the kids, as ever there is more to do. If you have time there is more info to be found by wandering through Lots of photos too! Have really been enjoying your take on life and relationships here in Turkey. Best, A

    2. Thank you and good luck! I’ve really been enjoying your take on life and relationships here in Turkey – you have an interesting mix going on in so many ways.
      My son is wed to a New York girl of mixed parentage; father African American from Chicago and mother North London Jewish – she tells some tales. They now live in up-state New York.
      You sweetie, I’ve just seen what you’ve posted – if you don’t win I’m going to send you a copy anyway!

  1. Sounds like your daughter in law and i have saome things in common!

    I see your blog is getting some hits from my post. Wishing you the best with your book.

  2. I’ve done my bit – tweeted you, stumbled you, linked you in, faceached you and netword blogged you. Now do I get the prize?

  3. done everything I was asked to do and also invited lots of my friends. If I don’t win, where do I buy the book from and how much?? (Hope I win though)

    1. Hi Emmy, wonderful that you did that – thank you! Fingers crossed, otherwise you can go to the tabs at the top of the blog page. The ‘Book Project’ tab will give you background and explain what we do and the ‘Book Bazaar’ tab will let you buy securely using PayPal. There is also a list of outlets that support us without taking any commission if you live locally to Dalyan area.
      Again, thank you so much for supporting us 🙂

  4. We are all loving our Okcular book & map; kids, us all look forward to putting the book in action when we visit Okcular!! They are great books and supports a great cause – will share, fb, tweet from my end – best of luck! Ozlem

    1. Thank you! The two winners have been drawn and will be announced as soon the second one responds. look forward to next year’s walk/s.

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