Socialism For The 21st Century

From Each According To Ability, To Each According To Need (Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program)

Carl-MarxJ and I believe fervently in a more equal society. A society where needs are met regardless of ethnic origins, intelligence or gender; a society where money counts for nothing because it is obsolete; a society where each of us works at what we do best or most enjoy and in return our community meets our needs to the best of its ability.

Members would have a wide range of skills that they bring to the benefit of all – there would be organic gardeners, a carpenter, pest control operatives, a tinsmith, acrobats, weavers, comedians, an organic compost maker, house builders, interior designers, you name it! Everyone contributes something and in return they have the security of a roof over their heads, a constant supply of interesting and nourishing meals and the knowledge that they are loved for who they are and not for the pounds (or lack thereof) in their pockets!

Utopia-in-Four-MovemensDoes that sound Utopian to you? Unattainable? Unrealistic? Think again! Welcome to Okçular’s Kapız Komünü! We’ll start with a look at the superb and ever-expanding range of social housing that’s tailored to the needs and tastes of the individuals who share our community. Based on our personal experiences of the progress made by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, each comes with a ‘tapu’ and unrestricted, responsible use of the surrounding countryside. Kapız is up there with the best:

‘Spadgers End’ and ‘Tawny Owl House’ (complete with metal floor and scented wood shavings) bespoke detached des-res

rustic country cottage ideal for a nice pair of tits

Dubai model high-rise on Palm Island

another charming rural cottage

Then there is the Komünal Kafeteria with its varied à la carte menu:

one of four separate 5 star restaurants

There is even a supply of free-for-use house furnishing/decorating materials:

community member collecting free mattress and duvet

Alan Fenn, Kapız Komünü, Okçular Köyü

12 thoughts on “Socialism For The 21st Century

    1. . . love? I go for that! Good old pal? Go for all three of those too! But nostalgic – NOSTALGIC? This dear friends is the future of humanity – ‘Away with the birds’ as we sometimes say 😀

  1. I’ve been looking for those bird feeder attachments for bottles – did you find them in Turkey? Please don’t tell me you made them yourself and make me appear so inadequate that I would be chucked out of Utopia.

    1. Oh dear! Sorry about this Annie – they are just any old plastic bottle with a few sub-peanut sized holes bored, burnt or gouged through the sides. A hole in the lid lets rain water drain out, a small stick provides a perch and a bit of scrap wire makes a loop to hang it up. A small recycling project.
      You can relax about being chucked out of Utopia – ‘from each according to ability (no matter how inadequate), to each according to need’ – your future is secured 🙂

  2. You had me going there for a while! I thought you were going to talk about a commune of people living in Utopia.

  3. Well, scented wood shavings too! (which if you’re an owl, must be quite nice). Did you make all those houses yourself? They are really deluxe digs.

    1. Good Morning to you Mature Köpeks! Only the best for our pair of Tawny Owls – they also have poor potty habits so scented is desirable! I did indeed make them all myself (and a few more besides).

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