So Here Is Dawning

J and I packed the car full of tools and ‘stuff’ yesterday and fled down the rabbit hole. Yesterday evening we sipped a glass or two and watched the full moon rise over the mountains.


Today, J spent a few hours of her time on her hands and knees scrubbing the last traces of the workers’ boots and tools from the shower-toilet room – no easy task but the results are pretty, damn good!

My time was spent cluttering up the place by turning scrap wood into a divan that is suited to lounging about on and useful for sleeping should we ever have family/friends stay over. It too looks pretty damn good!

man at work

solar powered!



finished product

Finally, to make getting this far worthwhile, this was our dawn (not Photoshopped) this morning, 25th December 2015 – worth getting up for?

dawn christmas 2015

Alan Fenn, Crimbo down the rabbit hole

18 thoughts on “So Here Is Dawning

  1. Congratulations! Merry Christmas. I’ve been following for awhile, and really enjoy your posts. We’re Americans living in Istanbul, but are not as adventurous as you. Wishing you great times ahead.

    1. Hello Kay. First, welcome to Archers and thank you for commenting. Good wishes heading back to you – if you are ever down here in the SW then get in touch.

  2. A and J, Really such a wonderful place. Bravo for you to have the inspiration (and courage, I must say) to make this wonderful nest. And making your own furniture to boot! Here’s to many years enjoying life there.

  3. Hi Alan. It sure beats Crimbo in London, apart from time spent with family it’s total rubbish, people spending what the don’t have usually on someone they don’t like. Pushing shoving around Sainsburys as if getting ready for a famine. The food shops are only shut for a day !!!!! Have a wonderful time, it looks amazing. Mary

    1. J and I haven’t ‘done’ christmas for many a year so we don’t miss any aspects of it. Being here is just great!

  4. Absolutely Brilliant. I love it all. Well done to you both . It looks very cosy, what more could you want. I know you will be spending many happy hours there.

    1. My trusty old workmate Stanley ‘Blacken’ Decker – alive and well and functioning about as well as me! Have a good New Year Annie!

  5. Just had another look and the photo’s of the Moon & the dawn, Stunning and I do remember seeing them , just couldn’t think when you said. !!!!!! I did get to see it here about 2. 30 am from the bedroom window, but it wasn’t no where near as good as your photo. Great to hear from you. Happy New Year to you both.

    1. . . and very cold, -12C last night and -16C predicted for tonight! Cold we can handle but freezing sleet and bitter winds mean no outside work or walking is possible. We have evacuated evacuated to the milder climes of Okcular. Good wishes to you and yours, may your futures be bright and peaceful – hugs, A&J

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