Silly Season

Silly Season – (noun)

  1. (British) a period, usually during the hot summer months, when journalists fill space reporting on frivolous events and activities

Alright, so it’s not really summer yet, but I’m busy (really) re-roofing the back balcony and covered area, and I’m worried that you’ll be thinking again that I’ve popped my clogs if I don’t stick something up. There’s been rainwater problems for some time and I kept promising to get around to the job one day. ‘One day’ arrived about a week ago and so it’s been days of steady toil with the odd one off to go market shopping – no scope for dossing about doing this sort of stuff!

Anyway, I’ve quite reasonably assumed that more posts about the exploits of Bob the Builder would be yawn inducing and so I’ve settled for a Picture Post edition (the link is to a brilliant Picture Post exhibition). The subject is J and her Yorkshire passion for cricket – on second thoughts, you may want to go and view the PP exhibition instead!


J was quietly noshing her apple, when . .


this fellow turned up demanding a little nibble


he, for it is indeed a ‘he’, was quite demanding


. . with impressive mandibles


. . and fastidious manners

‘He’ is Saga pedo, a Predatory Bush Cricket and for those of you with little going on in your lives just now here’s a link where you can become better acquainted.

Alan Fenn, Fiddling On The Roof

ps I did think this was better than nothing, but on re-reading I’m not so sure – oh, well!

14 thoughts on “Silly Season

  1. What an impressive close up!! Kind of J to share her apple, really amazing shots and a fabulous creature – one to save for Mark and Emma! : ) Kolay gelsin for the re-roofing!:)

  2. Alan, First giving YGT a new set of shoes, now roofing. You’re incorrigible! Yes, the fabulous cricket photos beat Rick the Roofer any day. Afiyet olsun to that guy – and J, too.

  3. Looks impressive enough to me! I have become a lot braver in my older years when it comes to studying insects without running away a screaming mess…however, not sure how keen I’d be to share my apple with this chap.

    1. Hi Julia, lovely to hear from you – J is pretty impressive in the ‘not phased by very much’ stakes and is a sucker for a beautiful creature. I even have a pic of her on a sandbank in the Orinoco River with an anaconda draped around her shoulders!

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