Incredible Okçular!

Sea-nior Dogs Aboard

J and I have had the considerable delight of hosting our dear friends and bloggers supreme Mark and Jolee of Senior Dogs Abroad fame. We originally met these guys because another blogging friend, the esoteric Liz at Slowly By Slowly suggested that we just might get along – how astute of her!

M and J live in Istanbul where they are very acute observers of the Turkish and regional scene and I really do commend their blog to you – apart from anything else it is a pleasure to read well constructed stories in real English like what she is spoke! Anyway, Mark’s brother and his wife are over for a visit and the quartet have been touring their way down the southwestern coastal corner of Turkey taking in the sights and sites. Yesterday they breezed into Okçular and once all the hugging was done and dusted, J and I set about giving them a bit of a taster of retired life in our neck of the woods.

Today has been mostly watery – from the moment we picked them up from their holiday apartment on the river with our favourite captain and his big boat it has been all river, beach, sea, lakes, lagoons and sulphurous hot springs with just a small diversion on foot to explore Caunos and visit the delightful couple who run the Nomad Museum and tea house in Çandır Village.

Dalyan beach Turkey

Sea Dogs wallowing

Dalyan river boat trip

Ship’s Dogs

Wet Dogs Stink Something Awfulwet dogs stink something awful!

I hope they’ve enjoyed it – they certainly give every indication that they have! For J and me it’s been great to have our eyes opened once again through the eyes of others to the beauty that surrounds us. Thanks guys, you made our day and we’re looking forward to tomorrow!

Incidentally, Mark’s brother confided in me that he thought the hot springs were ‘disgusting’ what with the smell of sulphur and the algae floating like scum on the surface. Now, I’d be the first to admit that it looks a bit like they haven’t changed the bathwater since the Romans were here, but it’s all natural and very good for you, so do like your brother, pinch your nose and take your medicine!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü


12 thoughts on “Sea-nior Dogs Aboard

  1. Great photos, Alan. Yes, we wallowed, we ate and drank, we saw incredible sights and sites and smelled the faint aroma of burning sulpher in the hot springs. The whole lot of us had a truly wonderful time. So thank you, comrades-in-arms, Alan and Janet, for sharing your little corner of paradise.

  2. Oh I was so happy to see that you all got together and quite obviously had a great time! I am also happy to learn that J is Janet!! Those lovely Senior Dogs! And you two as well! You are a tonic. I am feeling so discouraged about things here that I need a positive boost like this post. Thank you.

    1. Claudia, thank you for your kind words and it makes this blogging lark worth it (beyond the self-gratification thing) to have you say this. J(anet) and I are deeply political animals and delve deeply into what is going on around the world and closer to home and it is deeply distressing and depressing I can only say that whilst individuals seldom have any influence in world or regional events we can make a difference at a local and personal level – we can be kind and behave decently towards our fellow human beings and fill our ‘bubbles’ with sunshine and rainbows. Nil carborundum illegitemis! The ‘Dogs’ have put up a post (I’ve reposted your comment as I had a glitch with WordPress)

  3. Thank you guys so much for your wonderful hospitality during our last few days on the southern coast. We got a special look into the lives of real people and out of the way places in your charming neck of the woods. If you ever find yourselves in Boston, we hope to reciprocate.
    Zeke & Kathy

    1. Hi Zeke, welcome to Archers! It was our pleasure to meet you guys and give you a bit of a taster _ if we are ever in your neck of the woods we’ll certainly take you up on your kind offer – so watch out! 😉

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