‘Rose Moon’, Peter Pan, Father Christmas and the Bloggers

first view of her prime-site pitch

Okçular artist Gülay Çolak (Gülay means Rose Moon in English) got her first ever taste of Christmas at the Çaliş Christmas Fair yesterday; I suspect it won’t be her last!

She’s been beavering away preparing some Christmas themed bits and bobs to display alongside her more usual items (not that there’s anything ‘usual’ about much of her work) at the Fair. The result was a bumper day with potential customers sometimes stacked three deep to get the chance to purchase her beautifully crafted stuff.

Thanks to ‘blogsters’ Julia and Barry at Turkey’s For Life and their loyal fan base there was a stream of visitors wanting to say hello and see Gülay’s artwork. When they were added to all the other buyers I can tell you that she had a permanent grin plastered on her face that was still there when we dropped her off at her home! She was also interviewed by a TV camera crew, although I can’t recall for which channel. And then there was the Christmas Pixie by the name of Frou-Frou . . . or was it Chris? Whatever! As far as Gülay is concerned she had a visit from Peter Pan and saw Father Christmas.

Gülay would love to develop her skills to the point where she could earn her living from portraiture – meanwhile she has to meet the needs of her family by painting the little things that so many of us can afford and enjoy owning or giving away as presents to friends and family – I think her stones, tins, buckets and bric-a-brac are delightful – and it seems that many of you do too.

So, this is a thank you from the lady to each of you who came to say hello and help to make her day at Çaliş Christmas Fair memorable.

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14 thoughts on “‘Rose Moon’, Peter Pan, Father Christmas and the Bloggers

    1. Hi Liz! Go to I’m in the process of setting up for her. The idea is that it becomes a showcase rather than a sales/commission point. The small stuff she does wouldn’t travel too well or is too heavy – paintings are more cost-effective. She has her hands pretty full with ongoing orders from the Dalyan Sea Turtle Foundation. I’ve had a look at the site you put forward and will talk to her about it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Heather! Welcome to Archers – hope I can do enough to keep you interested. I’ll be passing on your helpful suggestion to Gulay in the next day or so. The site looks like it could be useful although much of her stuff is heavy (stones). Best wishes.

  1. Wow, I just checked out that gallery and was blown away; I suggest everyone else do the same. Brilliant work.

    1. Gulay (Rose Moon) will be delighted when I show her your comment, Scott. She’s a lovely soul who has a huge burden to carry – she does it with courage, grace and a sense of humour.

  2. We were big fans of the festive Christmas candle pots with the stones in. They’re sitting on top of our tv right now, in fact. No other decorations up yet – we’ll get round to that at some point. 🙂 To be honest, we’ve been Christmas Fayre cynics in years gone by but it’s great. Local talents like Gülay get to show off their skills and get a base to sell where they wouldn’t have done otherwise – and we get an easier chance to make a purchase right at the time when we’re in the mood for shopping. Win-win for everyone!! 🙂

    1. Well put guys! J and I haven’t done Xmas or birthdays for years – not because we’re grumps but because we work on the basis that gifts are for when we feel like it at any time and not for tawdry tinsel time. As for the fair; it was good fun. Nice to see the home produced stuff going well.

  3. I loved seeing Gülay’s work on the website – I am especially enamored of the stone sea turtles. They are so cool. I realize that they are heavy – but I do think there would be a market on etsy – the shipping gets automatically calculated in – it just means that Gülay would need to be willing to pack and ship if people bought her stuff. I would buy a bunch of them if I could, right now! If Gülay were willing to open a paypal account – she could do her business that way. Also, to be clear, etsy is not a bidding site, prices are listed, shipping is calculated based on address. I have purchased items from folks in Marmaris and had stuff shipped here to the US no problem. Star of the East is a shop you could look up and get in touch with re: how this works on the ground in Turkiye. My close friend from school days is a woman with a serious disability, who also relies on a wheelchair to get around – she has a thriving business on ebay but is moving to etsy as the premiums are lower. This has been a wonderful thing re: her income – and her self-esteem….just a thought.

    1. Thanks so much for this Liz; it gives me a lot to work on with Gulay. We have a Turkish friend who worked at the British Council in Ankara for years – her English is perfect and she is internet savvy so I’ll see if I can recruit her to help.

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