Incredible Okçular!

Raider Of The Lost Dark

Someone or some thing has been plundering J’s compost bins in the dead of night. We’ve tried various ways to gather some incriminating evidence, like spreading flour to try and get a clear footprint and prodding little piles of droppings in the style of Tonto of Lone Ranger fame. ‘Still warm, they are only two hours ahead, Kemu Sabi!’ (or words to that effect). All to no avail. We speculated that it might be a badger, a fox, a jackal or even Mehmet from down the road!!

In the end, with J off to the US for a family visit, I ordered up a ‘hunter’s camera’ for her to pick up and bring back. It purported to operate by day and night, so it seemed like a great way to catch our interloper – and so it has proved.

I can see myself having a lot of fun with this ‘big boy’s toy’!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

14 thoughts on “Raider Of The Lost Dark

    1. . . we love it – just wonderful! I shall be having fun setting this ‘toy’ up in various locations to see what/who is wandering by.

  1. Well, it’s recycling, whatever way you look at it.

    Love the camera – I could do with one in the parrot flights to see just who is beating up whom at any given time.

    1. Neh-neh-ne-neh-neh! Don’t you just love smart-arse Rangers? ;-D
      I’ll start setting it up for other stuff before long – be interesting to see what (and who) is wandering by in the night.

    1. same family Jack; pole cat has a lot of white on the face. Pine Martens can also be ‘domesticated’ like polecats/ferrets as long as they are removed from the mother within about 5-6 weeks, otherwise forget it.

  2. I want one of these. I hear such strange rustlings outside my bedroom window, I’d love to know what is passing. I thought the wild boar were digging up my orchid roots , but unless they have taken to smoking Winston, I think they are innocent.

  3. Fantastic creatures, we used to have many in Scotland but very elusive, you are so lucky! Phil is muttering something about could it be Pine Martin Philby?

    1. . . fantastic, indeed! Last night established that there are two of them as the zoomed through the FoV at light-speed! Also showed one of them fronting down a stray cat. As for Pine Marten Philby – well! He’s bonkers – everyone knows it was Pine Kim Phoney – or was it Kim Jong Marten?

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