Well, here we are again slumming it up here near the clouds. We knew there wasn’t really much to do apart from plant a few broad beans, earth up the leeks, check on the well-being of the worms and generally ensure all was well.

We arrived to a sparklingly crisp, cool, clear day and a near freezing cabin! Get that soba going and warm the place up.

Meanwhile, J was busy earthing up the leeks, posing for a photo op and cooing to the worms which were doing very nicely in their insulated home. The minus temperatures had once again ‘popped’ the garden watering system so we needed to call out our plumbing neighbour to get that sorted. He’s stopped the leaks and will come at some time soon to fix us up with a stop-cock underground so we can shut the system down and avoid this in the future.

‘And what about you?’ I hear you ask – well, there is always something for this multi-skilled Jack-of-all-trades (you know the rest!) to be getting on with. This time it was the main door. You know about the beautiful old doors we acquired and had fitted – they look splendid and we love the look and the feel of them. The one at the main/only entrance was showing its age and sagging a lot. Various remedial efforts had failed to solve the sag and so I’d made a couple of ‘L’ brackets to overcome the problem. Spray-painted ‘antique gold’ (all I had available) they are fitted, look good and, so far, seem to have done the job.

So, jobs are jobbed and all that remains is to relax, idle away a couple of days reading, writing and Scrabbling mixed up with a few episodes of MASH, a couple of home-made Rakıs and enjoy keeping Jack Frost away with a nice, warm soba.

Jack Frost nibbling at your hose – Brrrrrr!

A&J taking great pleasure in small things.

12 thoughts on “Not Much Ado About Nothing

  1. Surprising how happy it can make you to have a few ‘small’ jobs to do…makes you feel that the raki and the warm stove are well deserved.

  2. Wow !!!!! I see the call of the wild has caught up with you both again and your back up in your hideaway in spite of the temperature and why not, it’s great to see how much you both love it up there surrounded by all those mountains and to be able to look across at lake every morning you wake up what a start to the day. It’s damn cold here right now but only the bare garden to look at. Hope the knee is holding up for you it’s good the worms are happy too.

  3. You make it sound so easy. I’ve spent the last hour trying to get my stove going and have now resorted to a blanket. Some days it whooshes into life and some it doesn’t . I’m not sure what that wood merchant sold me. Luckily it’s not really cold here yet so maybe the fates are warning me not to waste my logs.

  4. A and J,

    Glad to hear you’re making sure your worms are nicely tucked in for the winter. The garden looks beautiful, by the way. Carry on. Love, J and M

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