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Midnight Marauder

Snake in toiletJ and I are not just tolerant of having wildlife around, we positively encourage it – all of it! The odd snake in the toilet or under the washing machine does not result in panicky shrieking and rushing around in circles. (OK, we didn’t actually have a python in the toilet but there was a fair-sized black Whip Snake) That said, there was an occasion a few years back when I sat on a dozing hornet whilst getting into bed that resulted in all of the above plus some amazingly accurate usage of Anglo-Saxon expletives and a carpet slipper!

No, generally speaking, we go out of our way to provide suitable, upmarket accommodation and restaurant facilities to satisfy regulars and passing trade alike. So, we were a bit annoyed that some vandal or other was bent on trashing one of our bespoke fat-feeders for the birds. We were regularly finding it busted off its mounting, hurled around the garden and generally well chewed up. We had a fair idea which family of delinquents was responsible but, catching them at it was never going to be easy because they are clever, resourceful and very, very cautious.

In the end, patience and technology paid off with the little tow-rag caught infra-red handed . .

Marten’s Midnight Marauders from Alan Fenn on Vimeo.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

20 thoughts on “Midnight Marauder

  1. Absolutely lovely! It must have taken loads of patience to capture this…

    I was wondering what was happening with the habitat you created. I’d love to see an update on the inhabitants and guests.

    1. . . the patience that was required was putting up with the sparrows that would insist on sitting on my shoulder and pecking the hair in my ears! The Habitat is maturing well with parts of it all but invisible due to undergrowth. We know there are snakes, hedgehogs, toads etc and are waiting for the warmer weather to see what insects move in. There will be updates!

  2. Alan, That video is straight out of “Wild Kingdom” (a many-years-ago TV program back in TV’s innocence)! Nicely done, Alan! Even better than the original Discovery Channel programming!

    1. Ed, you are just too kind! This was the first sight of this youngster – mum and dad we know fairly well.

  3. ……..and we thought we had problems with grey squirrels and ring necked parakeets!

    1. . . these creatures don’t consider themselves a problem – like colonialism and exploitation the world over we have to ask the question ‘Why are they here?’

    1. . . we did – they turned up three days later! Mind you, I hear that’s a faster response time than in the UK!

  4. This is brilliant, Mark will be fascinated with this – and he wants to shoot videos!! you guys need to meet up : ) Still love your “upmarket accomodation” for the regulars- they’re lucky!

  5. I can see this wildlife/picture taking thing is going to escalate – Mark, you’ll need to get a part-time job to fund your passion. Either that or get as good as my friend and collaborator Christophe Brochard and fund your ‘hobby’ by selling beautiful photographs.

  6. I love the bird feeder idea – what kind of fat do you use. I can see a search for the large drill bit will be needed. On a technical point do you know why your blog doesn’t refresh itself on the side of mine. It always takes a few days for your new post to appear?

    1. Hi Annie, we use the cheapest margarine available and mix it into a very stiff compound by adding plenty of crushed chick (as in chicken) pellets – expect to refill them every couple of days! As for the side widget – that’s hard to say as I’ve been on your site soon after I’ve put up a post and it was there. I have a big problem with lack of bandwidth here and so having add-ons not fully load at home is common. I suspect that this may be what is happening with your sidebar add-ons.

  7. Alan, Doc Marten at it again! Oh, he’s a naughty boy all right. Well, now you’re going to have to provide for him as well. You’ve got a growing family. Brilliant video.

    1. We assume this is one of the offspring of the Doc and his one-eyed ‘wife’. Martens are solitary and very intolerant of each other apart from the breeding season. Glad you enjoyed the video.

  8. Oy! What a snake. I’m NEVER coming to spend the night there now! A lovely video though – clever use of technology! Nice to have an update on the natural goings-on in Okçular!

    1. . . you know me, Liz – the python was just a conversation grabber! Fear not and wear body armour 😉

  9. Ok, I have to admit that I looked at this post when you first posted it and immediately clicked away. That picture scared the hell out of me and I think I never will be able to use a toilet again. But now I managed to scroll past it and check out your awesome Midnight Marauders video. Great stuff!!

    1. Oh dear! Sorry for unsettling you Trisha – tend to forget that not everyone is as easy with some of these creatures as we are. What is fun for us is that we now have mum and dad plus at least one brat ‘raiding’ our patch – it is a delightful creature to have around.

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