Lost In Space

lost in space


What is it with this stuff? I haven’t done anything, changed anything – I haven’t even had malign thoughts about Wordpress in general or any of its bloody widgets or plug-ins in particular – nothing! Suddenly, a couple of days ago replies I made to comments and any responses to that reply have disappeared – vanished into the ether – lost into bloody outer space!

Hours have been wasted, lost from what I have left from my (some would say ‘pre-ordained’) allotted quota! Plug-ins and widgets are the usual culprits to these things so there’s been much deactivating and reactivating, much fiddling with incomprehensible ‘settings’. Nothing resolved the problem – not even shutting everything off apart from security – Hiç, Zilch, even sacrificing even more hair on the altar to F$*&%”!, the god of utter friggin’ frustration, had no effect.

OK! A last, forlorn hope, I’ll change the theme. Hey Presto! everything works again! Or seems to, anyway – so, you tell me if you have any challenges commenting or getting a reply. Meanwhile I’m heading for a darkened room with a bottle of single malt and a straw! As for the ss in Wordpre**, you can read about it here. I’m convinced they’re out to get me!

Alan Fenn, (out there somewhere)

ps for those with an interest in these things, ‘forlorn hope’ is derived from A forlorn hope is a band of soldiers or other combatants chosen to take the leading part in a military operation, such as an assault on a defended position, where the risk of casualties is high – from the Dutch ‘voorloren hoop‘ literally ‘lost troop’.

pps nothing has changed and I have to say I really can’t be bothered to give this any more time – I have had it with WordPress and everything to do with it!

19 thoughts on “Lost In Space

  1. Oooof yaa!! Alan, we’re sooo sorry about this. Honestly, this is the worst case of the kind of #$%! computer frustration I’ve ever heard. Yes, single malt is the way to go, although if it’s single malt, we prefer sipping it on ice, the more one is able to drink in a sitting. Here’s a big hug to you and we hope you emerge soon from this mess. J and M

    1. . . well, just replied to Jack and everything is up and showing this end. Really had got to the point where I thought I couldn’t deal with any more of this c%*$! Anyway, after a break and a few head bangs on the wall came back and finally got it sorted. It had, amongst other things, blacklisted me and I’m the admin for gawd’s sake! Think it’s time for smiles and snifters all round ‘Şerife!’

  2. Sorry to hear about your WP troubles, Alan. You are not alone. Not a week goes by without Jack cursing at some piece of software or other. The curse of the bloggers, eh?

    Still, look on the bright side. You made me chuckle.

      1. He’s getting there, thanks Alan. By the time I’ve finished with him, he’ll be a svelte, teetotal vegetarian. I like to aim high 😉

  3. That was funny, reading through all the comments!! Honestly, if that happened to me, I would totally freak out. It was bad enough with flickr and trying to change my name and keep the pics from the other account etc – I won’t go into it here. You are lucky because at heart you understand this stuff. Glad it’s all back.

    1. Good morning, Claudia! ‘understand this stuff’ is a bit of a stretch – in reality it feels like a thrash around in the catacombs with all sorts of nasties lurking and waiting to pounce!

  4. Ahh, looks like we have all this fun and games to come WHEN we finally shift over to WordPress. I leave all that to Barry though – I’ll stick to typing sentences and editing photos. 😉 Hope it’s all ironed out now.

    1. certainly seems sorted – WordPress generally works pretty well and, in truth, I really don’t have any complaints except when something happens and I can’t get my head around what it is! Much of WordPress updates automatically as and when and you really don’t notice unless there is a clash between one of the plug-ins and the new version/update. By and large using it is smooth and easy – I’m sure Barry will have the nouse that I lack to sort anything that crops up and if he doesn’t then I have an exceptional vocabulary of Anglo-Saxon expletives that he’s welcome to tap into! ;-D

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