Living With Carl Frogarty

Declaration of Interest: I am a motor cycle racing fanatic – all other sporting activities are measured against the cold-blooded courage of my heroes. Men (for this is almost exclusively a ‘bloke’ thing) like Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Carl Frogarty.

‘Froggy’ in particular because he is a Brit; he was undisputed King of the Superbikes during the ‘90s; he had a wild, unyieldingly aggressive riding style and the most piercing, almost reptilian, eyes imaginable.

Because of ‘Froggy’, my swimming pool tends to get disparaging remarks like, ‘Do you need a bit of help to keep it clean and fresh?’ Or, ‘Why have you got green mould growing in your pool?’ Or, ‘Oh, my God! (I’d use a small ‘g’ but some of you might think I’m a pagan) What’s that big, green thing swimming in your pool?’

That big, green thing is ‘Froggy’! He retired from racing in 2000 and sort of moved in with J and me about 3 years ago. He built a house in the rocks of the garden wall and took over the territory which includes the pool. At first he was a bit circumspect when J and I were around but that soon passed and now he actually seems to enjoy our company and friendship.

‘Froggy’ is less in evidence during the winter months but as soon as the pool is cleaned and filled he’s guaranteed to be the first in there; ‘first in – last out’, that’s our ‘Froggy’. As a result of having him as a lodger our pool gets cleaned less often out of respect for his sensitive skin. He actually has the amazing ability to absorb oxygen through his skin as well as breathing ‘normally’, so he’s very susceptible to nasty chemicals. We used to worry what visitors might think of our ‘green’ pool tiles until we realised that we cared more for ‘Froggy’s’ opinion and friendship than we did for theirs!

Anyway, enough of all that; let me introduce you to my dear friend, ‘Carl Frogarty’. . .

Carl Frogarty World Superbike Champion
Marsh Frog (Rana ridibunda)







Photos: Loris Capirossi; Carl Frogarty x 2; Marsh Frog

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

2 thoughts on “Living With Carl Frogarty

  1. What a great and uplifting story!

    I love bikes and biking too – I bend John’s ear constantly to let me have another bike out here in Spain (to replace my beloved Suzi GSX400) but thus far he is as unyielding as he is about permitting me to drive the tractor.

    As for Frogarty – way to go! What a great friend to add to your circle. I bow to you!

    Although in truth it makes me feel even worse about the post I have just been obliged to make…

    1. Yeah! Know how you feel; I was eyeing a shiny, new enduro for exploring new backways and trackways, I said, J was not fooled! Called me many many unrepeatable Anglo-saxon names. She is right, with a dicky spine and the standard of driving here I’d have been writing this from Hades! Just off to see what you’re ashamed of!

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