Incredible Okçular!

It Never Rains . .

‘Oh, shut up you boring old fart!’ said J not long ago in response to a very modest bit of pedantry from me. ‘£$<% off yourself my Little Nest of Vipers!’ retorted I. Such can be the level of discourse after a day shut indoors by torrential downpours. We get ‘stir-crazy’! Do not be distressed dear reader, there is usually a twinkle in the eye behind the venom. Plus, if Wikipedia is to be believed (and I do), ‘boring old fart’  is often used as a colloquial term of endearment and so I choose to give J the benefit of the doubt(s). Especially if she hasn’t been able to tend her compost heaps for a few hours!

john major

John Major – a Boffer of distinction

Anyway, with our area enjoying the second highest rainfall in Turkey after the Black Sea region, torrential rain is fairly normal here. Wikipedia, and others who copy and paste these things, give us an average of 48 and a half inches during the winter months. Four feet give or take half an inch. Let me tell you, it’s more like five to six feet – just go ask those who chose to build their houses down on Okçular’s flood plain!

So, first it rains . .

Okcular rain storm

Okcular rain

Okcular rainfall

. . and the fields look like this:

black lake3

. . and then the sun comes out and it looks like this:

black lake2

No wonder, regardless of the weather, our neighbours always smile and say ‘Okçular, çok güzel!’ (chok gewzel) – ‘Okçular is very beautiful!’

black lake5

Damn right! Have you seen my Fred Astaire impersonation? Or was it Gene Kelly?

gene kelly

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

16 thoughts on “It Never Rains . .

  1. Hi Alan. I have just returned from a Dalyan. I have never seen such rain or thunder or lightening. I got very wet but I thought it all rather beautiful to watch. Did not care too much for the wet feet. Best wishes to you, hope it’s stopped now.

  2. “Petrichor” A word I leant from Facebook last week . Coined in 1964 and means “the smell of the earth after rain” We’ve had plenty of opportunity to use it in the last 3 days.
    BacktoBodrum recently posted..NeighboursMy Profile

  3. Ok, I get Gene Kelley singing in the Rain — but I must be slow or something — what does John Major have to do with it? Does he just remind you of rainy London? Or is he your example of a real boring old fart. And since were a relying on Wikipedia (great intellectuals that we all are), I had to check out what a “boffer” is and it says “a padded foam weapon”. So he is a “padded foam weapon of distinction”. Anyway, sorry about all that rain– but from the photos it sure looks like you live in a beautiful place.

    1. ‘BOF’ – Boring Old Fart – ‘Boffer’. John Major is a politician (boring) and former prime minister (even more boring). Ergo, a Boffer of Distinction! Actually he was pretty boring even though he loved cricket! As for ‘padded foam weapons’, that’s another word that’s been usurped by the lazy who can’t be bothered to invent their own new words.
      Alan recently posted..Sea-nior Dogs AboardMy Profile

  4. Alan, We say keep on singing! We keep getting promised rain and none (or very little) comes. Send some our way. But, no matter what, Okçular çok güzel. (At our home, cabin fever can produce some invective from time to time but thinking up new insults to hurl at each other can keep us from getting too boring. Kind of liked the ‘little nest of vipers’.)
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  5. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some of that rain… We have cabin fever of the opposite sort: in the equatorial tropics it’s still the dry season and the heat/humidity make it hard to convince one’s self to venture down the street.

    The lovely photos make me a little homesick for my rainy Oregon. Thanks for sharing.
    Bobbi recently posted..Sounds of This Place: Cambodia Elephant SanctuaryMy Profile

  6. Well in spite of all the rain it all looks rather spectacular. What a difference a drop of rain makes.

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