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Iris Stew

Archers is not exactly renowned for culinary postings – in fact I’d go further, much further, and say that apart from the odd recommendation of an exceptional eating place, food, in any of its many manifestations has never graced these pages. There is a sound survival instinct in play here because I really do not like anything to do with the preparation of food and the fewer links between me and food the better!

Those of you who are into these things are strongly encouraged to go and visit my e-friends Özlem, Joy and Claudia who have wonderful cooking blogs – why, even the guys at Turkey’s For Life find the time to have a ‘culinary corner’!

Left to my own devices for a few days I generally wander off to the lokanta with a load of plastic pots and fill up on a week’s supply of rice and beans!

Anyway, I’ve decided to break the habit of a blogtime and do a recipe for Iris Stew – eyes down for today’s effort (marks out of ten would be appreciated;


a reasonable day

sunshine (optional)

sturdy footwear

a bit of countryside

Iris unguicularis (only available in season)

various fresh seasonal herbs

a picnic (optional)

glorious views

Elliman’s Universal Embrocation (not to be taken internally)


mix well in any order or direction and indulge regularly – Elliman’s is best used as a dessert course accompanied by a single malt.

Here are a few shots of today’s culinary delight à la ‘Celebrity Chef.


a few red peppers

some sticks of celery

plenty of Iris unguicularis (in season, which is now)

and I do mean plenty

a handful of mustard

splintered pine

a dash of pine nuts

. . and there you have it – a fine Iris Stew that serves any number. Oh, I nearly forgot, the Elliman’s Universal Embrocation to go with the single malt. Enjoy, or Afiyet olsen as we say here in Turkey!


Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü


forest walks SW Turkey

the road to the Islay malt

16 thoughts on “Iris Stew

  1. Well I must say it certainly looks delicious! After enjoying your recipe, one would probably work up enough of an appetite for something from Claudia or Özlem. Loved the photo of the celery sticks.

  2. I’m giving you a 10/10… because you added a dash of pine nuts! 🙂 Beautiful photos. I do love modern cuisine where the chefs add some pretty flowers to the dishes. Treat for the eyes, treat for the tongue!

  3. I’m giving it a 10 because your Iris Stew recipe inspired a malaria-med psychedelic dream!! It’s rainy season and we’re in a malaria area at the moment so we began taking Lariam, which I really hate doing but it seemed prudent. It’s a weekly pill and I usually get weird dreams the night I take one. In this dream I was walking by some beautiful purple irises and they suddenly grew to about 2m tall and started clapping their leaves in time to some music. It was quite festive, actually!

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