Intrigued No More!

In the immortal words of J Paul Bremmer (former Arch Viceroy of Iraq) ‘Ladies and Gents; we’ve got ‘im!’  He (for it is indeed a ‘He’) was caught Rhode Island Red – Handed by blog follower Lindsay Knevett. The mystery is solved ! This warped individual was found in possession of the swag and trying desperately to increase his ill-gotten nest-egg by incubation. What a pervert!

Rhode Island Red Cock caught stealing shoes
Rhode Island Red Cock caught stealing shoes

Local amateur naturalist says, “Foxes – smoxes! It was the Reds under the beds, as I always said! It woz Cocky Locky wot dun it!’ The Kangaroo Court and lynching will follow in due course.

Well done Lindsay for this citizens arrest – there has to be an Okcular book in it for you next time we meet up!

Alan Fenn, Okcular Village

6 thoughts on “Intrigued No More!

    1. . . being restored from the sin-bin you mean? Relief indeed! I’m hoping to have cracked the hassle you’ve been having – fingers crossed 😀

  1. Ah ha – the Rhode Island Red – this had me lol, and I needed that this morning, as it sounds like you and J might too, after the past few weeks in the Kocadere valley… 🙁

    1. Too true! Kocadere is safe, it’s right by our house that the quarry is being carved out. Such a shame – these things get to me in a rather infantile way which is not good for any of us. Hard to see how they can make it into a Nature Park when they’ve finished. Ho-hum! 😀

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