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I Resemble That Remark!

In my last posting certain individuals, who shall remain nameless, like Jack Scott and Lesley Mason made some disparaging comments that implied that J did all the heavy work around here whilst yours truly sat around taking snapshots and offering advice.

To pinch a line from the Marx Brothers, ‘I resemble that remark!’ I felt deeply hurt and cut to the quick because, actually, the reality here in our mountain retreat is quite the reverse – 100% the other way round and I have accumulated the evidence over the past two days to prove my point. But first I need to set the scene . .

lakeside sunrise

sunrise yesterday

We were up early so as to make a start at clearing the undergrowth down the side of the plot. We needed to expose the tons of rocks that we want used up to construct the stone terrace across the area for cultivation. Those of you wondering about the gang due to start the other day – it’s a long story for another time!

plot clearing1

this gives you a bit of an idea of the task

plot clearing2

Exhibit A – first clear evidence of who does the graft in the thicket!

plot clearing3

Exhibit B – drags all the stuff out and burns it

plot clearing4

Exhibit C – whilst J stands around looking decorative and posing for photos

Meanwhile, we were never too busy or whacked out that we forgot to enjoy what lies on our doorstep . .

almond in blossom1

our neighbour’s beautiful almond tree in blossom

almond blossom2


complete with mistletoe in bloom (zoom in to see it)

Any road up, as they say in Yorkshire (in deference to a certain lady of my acquaintance), time to get back to the truth, the nitty-gritty of who does the heavy lifting around here . .

plot clearing5

very neat and tidy

hedging tools

tools of the hedger – and if J says those are her gloves, she’s lying!

plot clearing6

another view


Exhibit D – so, whilst I was working my fingers to the bone . .

a hot shower

Exhibit E – J was pampering herself – I rest my case

Alan Fenn, recovering with a couple of rakıs.

ps knowing that at some point J is going to read this stuff I want state for the record that a) this post is a pack of lies and a total misrepresentation of the truth. b) I’m pleading the 5th, and c) I’ve applied for the witness protection programme!

16 thoughts on “I Resemble That Remark!

  1. Yes, I love seeing those who are nameless. Reminds me of Mrs. Slocum on “Are You Being Served,”: “I am unanimous in that!”

  2. Witness protection programme? It’s clear that you haven’t seen ‘Shetland’ on the Beeb…

    We used to do this together….then Leo became too ill to carry on so I did it alone…and now that he needs more assistance I’ve followed father’s dictum when faced with any request for activity round the house…get a man in.

    But I’ve my eye on the site round the new house…..plenty of stuff to shift and with luck Leo will be able to supervise from the terrace…armed with binoculars and loud hailer.

  3. As if I’d think for one minute that you didn’t do your share of the hard work or get your hand dirty and blistered’ !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whose hand was that with the blister? Shame on you A! No witness protection from us. J, throw the book at him! (Just kidding. What fun reading your adventures. :-)) )

  5. Well, it looks to me that both of you are busting your tails getting things done around there. Pretty impressive. I will note that all of your photos of J are sideways (at least on my computer) so it might give the impression that she is lying down. Clever little trick of yours. And your blistered hand looks a little bit like the famous Padre Pio stigmata that everyone gets so excited about over here in Italy. You know Padre Pio is a Saint now. Perhaps you could use your stigmata to work up a case for sainthood. That would beat the Witness Protection Program hands down (no pun intended).
    Always love your posts and your silly sense of humor (seems to match my own).

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