Hoş Geldiniz – Welcome To Archers

If you are newly arrived here at Archers Of Okçular it is probably a mistake! If English or Türkçe is your native language then I bet you ‘Googled’ something about archery – the bows and arrows stuff. So, why are you here and not there?

Stay with me a moment because I will explain and you just might find that this quirky blog about living these past 18 years in this amazing country called Turkey can be a bit addictive!

archer1Traditional Horse Archery is alive and well in Turkey

Why ‘Archers of Okçular’? Well, in Turkish an ‘ok’ (pronounced ‘ock’) is an arrow; an ‘okçu’ (okchew) is an archer and ‘okçular’ (okchewlar) is a group of archers. The village where I live is called Okçular or Archers in English!

There is a saying here in Turkey, ‘Burası Türkiye!’ – ‘This is Turkey!’ and it is used whenever some situation amazes you, drives you crazy, leaves you exasperated or makes you laugh with delight. We say it a lot as we live, love and travel this wonderful country with its wonderful, kind people!

Okçular (and Turkey) is an incredibly bio-diverse place – if you love the natural environment there is no more stimulating place to be and I blog and photograph it a lot. You can join in through these posts.

If you actually arrived here hunting for archers/archery then this post might interest you.

A Note On Navigating This Blog

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