Home Alone

It’s an odd feeling, being home alone; a mixture of elation at being free to watch the whole set of 4 ‘Terminator’ films at one sitting and minor anxiety brought on by the need to constantly check and re-check the ‘to do’ list.

Home alone? How come? Well, J has headed back to the UK for a couple of weeks to visit friends and family and take in a political ‘summer school’, which leaves me here and free to indulge or fret as the mood takes me.

Our ‘to do’ lists are a must these days as we try and keep our heads together when we’re apart. Together we seem to have enough active grey cells to make arriving at day’s end a reasonably satisfying experience as far as achieving the things that need to be done is concerned. Apart, even for short periods, results in having to clean the remains of exploding hard-boiled eggs off the ceiling – twice (me), to rescuing Noah and all the animals because the garden pump has been left running (J); and these are just a couple of funny consequences! What fool said that half a brain was better than none?

As long as we remember to look at them, lists are great.

Anyway, looking on the bright side of being home alone, there is the joy of being able to enjoy, once again, for the umpteenth time, my little (all right, not so little) stash of favourite films. Films like ‘Terminator’; ‘Lord of the Rings’; ‘Alien’ (Ahh! Sigourney Weaver/Lt Ripley – my hero!) and Terry Pratchet’s ‘Disc World’; sci-fi and fantasy one and all – I love the stuff!

It’s not that J is disapproving exactly, it’s sort of, well, hard to explain. There’s the getting up and leaving the room, or the sigh, or, most painful of all, ‘Is this stuff really made for adults?’ So I have this guilt thing that J says was instilled in me by my mother and which I should deal with. She’s right on the button of course, so while she’s away I’m having some therapy –

‘Look out Ripley; it’s behind you!’

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

5 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. OK – this is spooky.

    I have to be one of Terry Pratchett’s most ardent fans. So just what Discworld films do you have besides ‘Hogfather’? I have every single thing he’s ever written, but are there other films that I’ve missed? Not the animated ones, though….

    Anyway, enjoy! No point in forbidden pleasures if you don’t. Deb x

    1. i have a 3in1 DVD from Amazon titled ‘The Terry Pratchett Collection’ that has ‘Hogfather’, ‘The Colour Of Magic’ and ‘Going Postal’. They are not animated. Says they are fit for 12 year olds and over but contains moderate threat and sex references. Parental guidance?

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