Incredible Okçular!

Habitat 2.0

I got a bit excited about our new creature habitat and published a post before it was finished. That means there has to be a sort of post script to finish the job off and so here it is – the latest release complete with bells and whistles.

my dizzy sister will be delighted to see her Meerkats have moved in (they’re concrete and she put them in my flight bag!!)

habitat2011_1I love this ‘thing’, it’s a bit like a cross between a roadside farmer’s stall and a Buddhist shrine in the Himalayas.

Alan Fenn. Okçular Köyü Nature Reserve

17 thoughts on “Habitat 2.0

  1. It looks great! Though I did wonder about the meerkats till I read the explanation.

    I guess I need to learn to cultivate clutter. After so many years of decluttering it could be difficult…

    1. . . sis is a sweetie, but it’s dangerous to like or admire anything (even if just being polite) whilst with her – it will end up in your bag or being dragged out here on her next visit! I once said that I missed a good English Worcester apple and ended up with a couple of pounds to bring back. As for ‘clutter’, I resent the implication 😉

      1. Dear Sir,

        I really must protest! I quote your answer to my comment on your previous post ‘your shelves would do fine just throw in some more clutter! ‘

        Did I misuse this technical term? ;}

        1. Madam, to expect me to know what I said five minutes ago, let alone a couple of days is asking too much and, furthermore, smacks of ageism!
          Disgusted of Okçular Kuyu

    1. . . really should be something that will mature very nicely – look forward to hearing what the children have to say.

  2. Alan, Well to us, it looks like all it needs is a big welcome sign over your critters’ new home! We can’t wait to see your customer profile with some pics to go with. While we couldn’t identify all of the items, from a bug’s eye view, it seems like it might look quite comfy. The phrase “as snug as a bug in a rug” came to mind.

    1. . . there are indeed ‘rugs for bugs’ and corrugated card for lacewings and . . and . . it will certainly be fun to what moves in.

    1. Hi Annie! We’ve taken out some insurance and planted loads of Nigella (Love-In-The-Mist) around this piece of living art 😉

  3. What actually is this ?? i dont have any idea about habitat? From the pictures and above comments its about some cultivation. actually for what purpose it is???

    1. Hi Kate and welcome to Archers! The ‘habitat’ is fro creatures of all sorts – providing a home and shelter as well as a source of food and nesting/egg laying. I love the natural world and this is a way of bringing a greater variety of wildlife to my garden.

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