Free At Last!

Well, it’s been an interesting few days and a very steep learning curve, but here we are – ‘Archers of Okcular’ is now self-hosting. It will take me a little time to get everything back and functioning as I want it but the whole thing is working which I’m somewhat amazed at. As features get added in you should see improvements. To all of you who follow and get involved; ‘Thank you!’ New postings will follow soon.

3 thoughts on “Free At Last!

  1. Your blog looks lovely! I recently moved to WordPress myself and have really like it.
    Looking forward to more posts.


  2. Well done on making the move. More and more bloggers are now doing this and the benefits far outweigh the hassle of the original change. Looking forward to your posts.

    1. I’m sure you’re right, especially with the situation here in Turkey. Once again, thanks for the original advice. Best, A

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