(F)lights of Fancy

Life has become a bit of a distraction, and it’s rather nice! What with one thing or t’other I seem to be flitting between inconsequential jobs whilst what’s left of my mind goes walkabout or indulges in flights of fancy (which I’m told is a ‘really relaxing colouring book’ for adults).

f of f

My mental wanderings seem mostly to be focussed (in a misty sort of way) on the imminent start of the building of our cabin in the mountains at the other end of the rabbit hole. In an attempt to keep my feet on Terra Firma J has been keeping me occupied on lighter projects. She has always disliked the garden lights that were installed when the house was built. ‘They’re boring’, she was wont to say, ‘everyone has these!’ She wasn’t wrong – I’ve seen them all over the place in one variant or another.

Her propositions for change start something like this – ‘Don’t you think it would look wonderful if . .?’ or ‘What do you think about . . for an idea?’ And so it has been that for the past ten days or so I have been bringing some of her (f)lights of fancy from fluffy butterflies of wishful dreaming into solid manifestations made up of any old stuff that has been hoarded because it might be useful one day or was just lying about the place.

Old, handmade bricks, rocks from the mountains, plastic pipes, antique glass ‘windows’ from a hamam and bits of gaffer tape have taken on a new persona and really come into their own as night time falls. As they used to say on Blue Peter, ‘Here’s one I made earlier.’

Flight of fancy

by day

Flight of fancy2

and by night

Flight of fancy3

by day – a pile of rocks

Flight of fancy4

at night – still a pile of rocks!

Buoyed up by the success of her ideas J has started to collect things like ‘interesting’ tree branches, jam jars and the like. I have taken to locking myself in the workshop and sharpening chisels, plane blades, drill bits and doing other important stuff!

Whilst on the subject of lights and flights of fancy I really have to make mention of my sister. Despite my very best attempts she never, ever, forgets my birthday! Things have much improved from the days when I had to fly home with three concrete meerkats and a Christmas pud in my bag. These days, with the never-ending tide of electronic tat from China, she is able to pack dozens of items into one, lightweight parcel of pleasure! Here’s a little solar-powered garden light that has proved to be a real hit with some of the locals.

Flight of fancy5

Orthetrum coerulescens anceps – Keeled Skimmer

Flight of fancy6

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

20 thoughts on “(F)lights of Fancy

    1. Thank you Trish – should I be polite or answer in the vernacular? To use the biological term, they are copulating or, in layman’s terms ‘having a bit of nookie!’

  1. I’m looking forward to the winter when I look can indulge in flights of fancy. Just two weeks of slog left before I too can start designing inspiring garden lights and exotic knitted kitchen rugs.

  2. Alan, Looks as though those bugs are having a ménage a trios. Just like you to share nature’s ‘naughtiness’ with us. Thanks and congratulations on brilliantly bringing J’s brilliant ideas to the light of day. J and M

  3. Hi Alan. Delightful bugs. Those lights must really make an impression from a distance in your beautiful valley. Best wishes. Mary

    1. thanks for that – when something is beyond repair I strip it down to the last potentially useful bit, amazing how often those pots and boxes come in useful!

  4. Wow! you have been busy. I love it all. It looks great. And well done Janet for getting you motivated.
    And the dragonfly looks special too !!!! especially with it’s friend’s. !!!

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