Feet Under The Table

So, here we are, ‘feet under the cabin table’ as the saying goes! It’s all a bit shambolic with boxes and tools lying around and the odd piles of sawdust that keep reappearing in different corners.

That said, there are spuds baking in the soba and I’m sitting here writing this powered by solar electricity and J is reading Private Eye. We have ice-cold spring water for drinking  and super-heated hot water for showering (when the cabin gets finished tomorrow). The temperature outside is minus 3 or 4 but we are cozy and, most important of all, the bed is made and we will be spending our first night here. Just three months and two days since we acquired the title deeds – how cool is that?

basic cabin bed

we asked for a basic bed frame knocked up out of scrap and that’s what we got!

bed made

ready and waiting

When we first arrived for this visit we were delighted with the obvious progress outside . ,

juniper wood steps

the beautiful, old juniper wood steps – at least 100 years old and good for a hundred more

cabin railings, canopy and view balcony with a view

solar hot water system

solar hot water system and my ‘depot’/tool box

cabin kitchen

inspecting the kitchen cupboards and drawers

carpenter at work

the chippy began fitting the ‘antique’ doors

who is this guy?

we have no idea who this guy is, he just wandered in and began offering advice – on absolutely everything, as one does in Turkey!

assembling the soba/oven – so, where does this bit go?

Turkish soba oven

another job jobbed!

that chirpy chippy again

(just realised that apart from the glitch that prevented comments, a chunk of the post has disappeared into the ether as well)

Turkish usta

watch and learn boy!

easy to make shelves

Boffer getting in on the action

easy to make shelves

not half bad

electric solar panels

Electric solar panels installed and after I threw my teddy in the corner when the ‘electrician’ decided that connecting them together the way the manufacturer said a 24v system should be connected was all bollox rubbish, (the fact that he shrugged when I found the cut up connectors  and started bouncing off the wall did not endear him to me).


once sorted we had damn nearly 230v AC output!

plumber at work

final connections from the plumber before he ran out of silicon to bed the shower = oh well, tomorrow is another day! (drill powered by the sun)


It’s a bit shambolic but we’re in, the wine is breathing in the corner, the raki is chilling on the door step, the boza is on the shelf and all is well with this corner of the world!

Alan Fenn and J, happily ensconce down the rabbit hole.

14 thoughts on “Feet Under The Table

  1. Congratulations to you and J! I hope the first night brings nighttime creatures scurrying softly around to welcome you home. Just so long as they stay outside…

    1. Hiya Kym, good to hear from you again – the wine (and a couple more bottles) are already toast! 😀

  2. A and J, Glad to see that the comment glitch has been fixed (along with connecting up your solar panel – sounds like the same ‘electrician’ we once hired. He does get around.) What a heavenly little crib you have built there. We love every detail, from the kitchen cabinets, the stove, the steps, the antique doors – it’s all beautiful. Bravo to you and your workers. And yes, you will have all kinds of adventures with your companions in the wild to photograph and tell us about. Güle güle oturan.

    1. ‘Darn it!’ as you guys say, I’d just come back down to earth about that stupid electrician and now you’ve reminded me again! Anyway, a successful day handing over wads of cash (funny how that never goes wrong when outbound) for stuff supplied, lunch with our ‘patron’ and his/our delightful family and picking up a few odds and sods. Now we are gently toasting our toesies, imbibing our evening ‘meal’ and surfing about – our third evening/night here and life is good 😀

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