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Economic Migrants

So, after being totally traumatised when Muğla central police station lost our original application for long-term residency during the change-over from the old ways of doing stuff, the new staff and system have completely redeemed themselves.


I do understand that police stations can’t actually lose anything and anyway, I doubt the paperwork is lost – I bet it is still in the bottom of some filing cabinet drawer along with a whole bunch of other applications from people we know!

Six months, almost to the day, since the applications were re-submitted, an SMS arrived – they were on the way from Ankara! The tracking system functioned fine and on the first working day after they arrived in Ortaca the delivery guy rang to get our location. We’ve even had an SMS to tell us they’d been delivered to us in case we hadn’t noticed!


These days the permit arrives in a white wallet sponsored by Turkish Airlines ‘Miles & Smiles’ – you can’t keep the world’s favourite airline down!


look carefully at this photo and you’ll see that Ortaca police are also kind to street animals

Thanks go to the delightful and very helpful police lady in Ortaca who got all the duplicates together and then rang and pleaded with Murat at the Migration Directorate in Muğla to see us and get everything sorted asap. He did! Forty minutes after we walked through his office door we were on our way home – job jobbed!

Unless the elixir of life turns up in the form of a wine bottle we’ll never have to go through this stuff again. These long-term permits are valid until 31st December 2099 – gawd help us if we forget or don’t last long enough to renew – trust me, you really don’t want to fall foul of the bureaucracy here!

Alan Fenn, a legal, long-term economic migrant in Turkey.

24 thoughts on “Economic Migrants

  1. The Prefecture lost my application for a Carte de Sejour in the days when you had to have one…a year later the local mayor noticed when clearing out the files before the August holiday…
    I should apply again.
    No. Done it once, not doing it again.
    Oh, well, I’ll give you a temporary one…
    So, as I was never officially on the books, as it were, I didn’t exist…and later I didn’t need one anyway.

  2. Congratulations on achieving the long term residents permits. We have another two short term renewals to go… And counting.

  3. My friends here who are in the same position as you will be green with envy when I tell them that you’ve got yours till 2099 – how on earth did you manage that? They’ve only got theirs for another year and that was a painful, drawn out process. Seriously, can you divulge what the trick is? Thanks.
    Claudia Turgut recently posted..Goodbye for now …My Profile

    1. Apart from the trauma when everything went missing it has been a fairly smooth process for us. I know others have not been as fortunate. I’m also convinced that a good attitude with everybody at every level within the system reaps rewards. People here are amazed when I tell them that we have never (and I do mean ‘never’) paid a bribe or inducement in nearly 20 years of living here full-time. Good luck with any future dealings 😀
      Alan recently posted..Economic MigrantsMy Profile

  4. Bravo!! Well done. I won’t bore you with my tale of how the Italians lost my application for citizenship. After moving heaven and earth to get all the necessary documents and stamps on papers submitted to the right office, I went around for years with a number in my wallet that was absolutely useless hoping they would someday call me and give me citizenship. Sounds like the Turks are super-efficient by comparison!

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