Down The Rabbit Hole

‘Down the rabbit hole’ is, to quote Wikipedia, a metaphor for adventure into the unknown, from its use in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It is also a slang expression for a psychedelic experience, but that is a different story – or maybe not!

down the rabbit hole

J and I have been a two-man escape committee quietly seeking a rabbit hole to disappear down to escape the summer heat for some time. A place, in fact, that lends itself to a bit of ‘California Dreaming’ any time of the year.  To be able to vanish and then reappear in a somewhat different world has its appeal. A world that could be on a different planet, Mars for example, now that would be really rather nice!

reflections on 'Mars'

one of two places on Earth that (supposedly) resembles Mars

medicated mud-pack

with medicated mud-pack

upside down world

A world where images are turned upside down and where a unique species of fish lives, that would also be really nice.

longhorn beetlewith very friendly alien creatures

Adding in a few ponds and streams to paddle around in and new tracks to explore would be really, really nice. If you then sprinkle the mix with the odd wild white rabbit being casseroled in a delicious, peppery sauce then, to my mind, you are talking ‘Wonderland‘!

peppery rabbit casserole

good company

in good company

wild flowers

with beautiful wild flowers


and berries

Martian cabbages

and Martian cabbages

very welcoming Martians

very welcoming local ‘Martian’ bureaucrats




Wonderland, the alternative view

Alan Fenn, following the White Rabbit!

ps you might think that I’ve forgotten to tell you where the entrance is . . I haven’t!

27 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole

    1. . . some things are best kept quiet, especially rarely visited corners of Eden. Come and visit and we’ll point you in the right direction.

  1. Gee, Alan. Right under your sign off, there’s a note telling us “Don’t be selfish” and there you are, keeping wonderland all to yourself! Well, we can completely understand. Looks marvelous, roasted bunny and all. Afiyet olsun!

    1. . . that was for public consumption – you guys will be welcome anytime, with or without us. 😀 Incidentally, it says ‘Shellfish’!!

  2. Gosh Alan — I want to sit down at that table and eat all those delicious looking items. Wherever this secret never never land is, it looks pretty special. I like the martian cabbage, the long-antennaed alien creature, and the martian bureaucrats. C’mon, spill the beans. Where is it?

    1. I’ll email you the location – we’re moving ahead with setting up that end of the rabbit-hole. It is a pretty amazing place with a unique hydrology and I’d hate for the word to get out.

  3. Wow, Alan, just wow! ^_^
    Whoa, it was my first time to see Martian cabbages! I have no idea if it was just a flower’s name or a cabbage LOL.. and also that unknown creature, an insect? haven’t seen any yet.

    Btw, the views are really great!

  4. Fabulous photos! But the whole post is somewhat surreal – where is this place? It is all shrouded in mystery but very alluring …. love it …

    1. Surreal? Isn’t that a perfect description of Alice’s Wonderland? If you really want to know where it is and swear a blood-oath of silence I’ll email the location 😀

    1. temperature was very comfortable, flowers out – walking around I had a bit of a cob on. We’re also keen to visit in the depths of winter to see what it’s like.

  5. . . now you see it . . now you don’t – and then only to those who appreciate and guard the secret.

  6. Late to the part on this one and that Jack Scott has nicked the comment I was going to do!! 🙂 Hmm, not sure where this one is – sure you’re not gonna share it with us? Go onnnnn. 😉

    1. Ha! if you are serious you’ll have to email me and take an oath of secrecy on pain of eternal damnation (or words to that effect!).;-)

  7. It sure is an amazing place the photo’s are great I’d love to see more, it all seems like a brilliant idea hope it works out for you both.

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