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Doing A Bit Of Touching-Up

Sistine Chapel ceiling (Wikipedia)

. . now we know how Michelangelo felt after skylights were fitted to the Sistine Chapel! Eighteen months after our crew had completed the nearest thing to perfection since Banksy did a tin of TESCO’s soup; eighteen months after adding the last dob of paint to the wonderful murals at Okçular Village Primary School, the powers-that-be came along and fitted fine new double-glazed windows throughout!

Now, we are not against new windows which meant that the kids didn’t have to squeegee the water out of the classrooms every time it rained. Nor do we think that the workmen were careless of the murals as they carried out the replacements. Inevitably there was going to be some damage and repairs would be needed. There was no point starting if there was a chance of rain so we hung-fire through the winter months, which was just as well because not many weeks ago back came the workmen to re-roof the entire school, fit guttering and down-pipes, repair the toilet blocks and do a bit of re-plastering here and there. All very nice, but a bit of touching-up had turned into a make-over!

Our team consisted of two artists – Gülay and Fiona; a semi-artist – J and one dog’s body – me! Funding for the original project and several other things around the village comes from the Okçular Book Project, we welcome your support – you can learn more here. Meanwhile here are a few before and after photos and an invitation to drop by the school any time you are in the area – you will be made very welcome.


half a clown is better than none – salvaging what we can

Gülay – nearly done

damage around windows and the ‘down pipe problem’

done and dusted – brilliant Fiona!

J mending bee hives

scene with ‘extras’

‘Bubble, Bubble . .’ the coven gathers!

If you need a bit of touching-up you know where to come!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

10 thoughts on “Doing A Bit Of Touching-Up

    1. . . I’ve told her – no resting on here laurels – there’s a family of badgers need sorting down the other end of the building 😉

  1. It’s fantastic what a pot of paint and a vivid imagination can achieve. When I was around 9 years old, I was asked to help create a mosaic (of a peacock, I think) outside the main entrance to Beaver’s Lane Primary School in Hounslow. I remember my little fingers being frozen as I applied the tile fragments to the wall. I’ve often wondered if it’s still there (indeed if the school is still there).

    1. . . it was/is such a terrific project – having the kids involved – meeting Gulay and Fiona – and a great bunch of teachers. The end result still looks wonderful and still draws tourist buses would you believe!

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