Ding Dong Merrily etc. etc.

Gülay Gelecek – Gülay Is Coming. (this post is only of interest to those who live within a day’s donkey ride of Fethiye in SW Turkey)

Some of you will wonder who Gülay is, and some of you will remember with affection and admiration this remarkable lady from Okçular village. About 12 years ago she suffered an appalling accident which left her paralysed from the chest down. With love and support from her husband and daughter, and her own indomitable spirit and will to overcome, she has risen above tragedy and sympathy and forged her own future in which she controls at least some of the levers of life.

Merry Christmas from Gülay

She was determined to provide somehow for the needs of her family and herself and so she taught herself to paint and draw. Over time she has developed her natural talents and diversified from portraits into a range of ‘must have’ gifts, knick-knacks and souvenirs. Such is the quality and uniqueness of what she does that these days her work is in demand from the captains of business and politics, national foundations as well as mere mortals like us!

perfect for a pot or a pint

On Sunday, 9th December at the Çalış Christmas Fair we’ll all get a chance to see what she can do; we can browse or buy some of her unique work or just say ‘Merhaba!’ Whatever you decide everything comes with a guarantee – that you’ll leave with a smile on your lips and a little of her warmth in your hearts.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

Father Gourdmas

ps Especially for Çalış Christmas Fair, Gülay has produced a limited number of Festive Father Christmases that you won’t find anywhere else – avoid disappointment by visiting early.

. . a few photos from Gülay’s workshop

a few of Gülay’s unique ‘stones’

Gülay’s gallery/workshop

Festive Frames

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    1. Annie, when you get around to visiting this area I’ll take you along to meet her.
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  1. I have been watching you guys… thanks to Allan that is how found you…when we come to Turkiye like to visit you….keep up with wonderful work….

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