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I have a deep aversion to parting with things – J says I’m a compulsive acquirer and hoarder, which is hurtful because I firmly believe that if I hang on to something long enough I will eventually find a use for it. When something breaks down and is unrepairable I strip it for every nut, bolt, rubber foot, clip, plug and cable I can find and store all these bits and bobs neatly in containers to await the day of their recycling.


I use old ice cream containers but you get the idea

I think such frugality saves fuel on trips to the purveyors of these things and is therefore good for the planet. It is also why, when I do have to buy some new bits I always double up on what I need for the job. As I say, they’ll come in handy at some time.

Anyway, let me get back on track – as some of you know, J has been having treatment from a physio team in Muğla on a daily basis. This is now week three of being heated up, pulsed with electricity, gently twisted and manipulated by a charming lady, cranking a wheel, stretching up a ‘finger-ladder’, pulling a strip of giant balloon elastic and hauling her arms up and down on a pulley-thing. We both realise that doing this daily journey for any length of time is not realistic so I began to cogitate on how to bring as much of this equipment home as possible.

Yucelen physio

We made the charming physio a very good offer but she declined with a blush – I think I may have phrased the offer too loosely! So, I took some photos of the gear and, when we got home, I wandered into my workshop and assessed the stock situation.

physio wheel



So it was that a bicycle wheel, a few bits of steel, a couple of wheels from a garage door and a rack for ‘clocking-in’ cards were recycled and pressed into service.

DIY physio exercise wheelfresh coat of paint, looks like new!

DIY physio exercise wheel

J up to speed!


DIY physio exercise gearthat works too!

DIY physio finger ladder‘clocking-in’ card rack – don’t ask – it’s an antique!


Now, I went through my electrical bits and I reckon I have everything I need to knock together one of those things that make your muscles jump about and I did offer to fix J up really good. I feel a bit miffed because, after all I’ve done, she declined!



Personally, I rated my chances . .

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

18 thoughts on “Cycle Recycle

    1. Good morning Bobbi! I’m told that some forms of torture can be exquisite – like probing a gum-boil with a needle. Haven’t tried that myself!

  1. So impressive Alan, I have seen you did an amazing job with Gulay’s “machine” and I have doubt this will be an another genius act! My best wishes to dear J, cok gecmis olsun, Selam ve Sevgiler, Ozlem

  2. I knew you had kept that clocking in card rack for a reason !!!!! It all looks brilliant and if it helps Janet then well done to you. It’s not very nice all ways being in pain so I really hope it will help her.

  3. Somehow we knew you’d get around to doing this. As always, using your talents for the good. Happily J has controlled your ‘mad scientist’ tendencies – so far.

    1. ‘wired and fired!’ I think it was genius putting the ‘gym’ outside on the kitchen balcony – keeps my ‘Little Nest of Vipers’ away from my stuff ;-D

    1. . . actually it was J who discovered it behind the office door where I’d hidden it – I was very reluctant at first it being one of a pair! (true – ‘In’ and ‘Out’ The big clock is OK for now as it’s bolted to the wall!)

  4. If my printer worked I’d frame a copy of this at the entrance to my depot/store room/should be a guest studio, in answer to all those who are shocked at its contents.

  5. Great Job Alan! I am very impressed. I am becoming an anti-hoarder — with five people clogging up our Roman apartment, each hoarding their own junk, I am becoming the cruel dumper who quietly removes stuff. Speaking of talented hoarders — I watched an amazing documentary the other night on an brilliant photographer called Vivian Maier. It is called “Finding Vivian Maier”. If you get a chance, try and see it– as a photographer and a hoarder, I think you would like it.

    1. thanks for the tip Trisha, have just been and ordered it. I have to guard my ‘stuff’ of J would be at it, then where would we be when she needs something fixed?

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