‘CRAFT’ Moments and Other Acronyms

At some point I opened my laptop this morning; and then, at some later point, I seemed to emerge from a sort of foggy daze and asked myself ‘What was it I was supposed to be doing?’ Damned if I know! I sat here for a while trying to dredge it out – it was there, I knew it was there; so close and yet so elusive. So now I’m doing this; writing about ‘CRAFT’ moments instead.

I remember many years ago someone, whom I can’t recall just now, gave me some good advice when, as occasionally happened back then, the brain refused to release some piece of information when it was needed. ‘Let it go’ he said, ‘sleep on it if you have to and suddenly there it will be. Your brain will have worked on it and out it will pop – never fails.’ Well, I’m here to tell you, pal, ‘Oh, yes it does!’ There are some things I’ve set out to do that have never got done; I know they’ve never been done but I’ll be damned if I can remember what they were and it nags away because they must have been important at the time. They still might be, but how do you know? It’s a worry!

been there, done that, George!

Do you, like me, find yourself materialised in a room and wonder what you are doing there? Or gazing blankly at an open cupboard or drawer with not an inkling of why? ‘CRAFT’ moment! Perhaps you were engaged in some earnest conversation with a friend when suddenly – hiç, zero, naff-all, total shut down and you’re left with nothing. ‘CRAFT’ moment! And, these moments are more frequent these days, another worry!

Some of you who know me might be wondering about the odd empty rakı bottle, but I promise you it’s not that; in fact, after a couple of noggins my memory is perfect and my conversation scintillating and coherent to say the least!

J and I have agreed to deal with these frustrations in a sympathetic and humorous way, doing our best not to get irritated – as long as we remember, that is! As I age as disgracefully as I can I’m glad I live in Okçular, surrounded by my village full of adopted family; I know that if the time ever comes when my CRAFT moments join up there will be those who care enough to keep an eye out. So, before I wander off to look in a cupboard and forget what I’m supposed to be writing about, what is this ‘CRAFT’ thing, what does it mean? Well, it’s an acronym for Can’t Remember A Friggin’ Thing – or words to that effect! Sums up my day sometimes – I think. Now, what was it we were we talking about?

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

ps The other acronyms? What are you going on about?

2 thoughts on “‘CRAFT’ Moments and Other Acronyms

  1. Like the Article – here’s my submission to your Acronym dictionary..

    I haven’t reached CRAFT status yet, but I am in the early stages of CROW.

    I consider myself reasonably eloquent, and I’ll be having a normal, non-stressful conversations, and halfway through a sentance I’ll completely forget the word I’m looking for.

    It’s as if my cranial dictionary is missing a page, and the word is just gone! The trouble is, I can’t substitute another word in it’s place – because whoever ripped the dictionary page out… also took the related thesaurus page.. and I can’t think of a replacement word.

    We already have Crow in the verbal urban dictionary. To “Eat Crow” is to admit you’re wrong, and when you “Crow about it” – your boasting. But I’m taking it back to basics — when I CROW – I Can’t Remember Ordinary Words. This is Stage 1 of the affliction — Stage 2 is CROWED – I Can’t Remember Ordinary Words Every Day.

    Roving Jay

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