'Burası Türkiye!' 'This is Turkey!'


Chance can be a fine thing! Chance can open doors that introduce new and different people and perspectives. Chance can lead to pleasant walks in pleasant company.

Chance . . . J and I were walking the ‘Dogs‘ a few weeks back and had taken a tea-break at the delightful Nomad Museum and çayevi (tea house) in Çandır a small village at the back of Kaunos historic site. By chance there was a couple there at the same time and by chance we struck up a conversation and by even greater chance they happened to have both copies of my walking-cum-guide books. We had a very enjoyable chat and then, refreshed and fortified, we went our different ways.

nomand museum tea shop

there they are, lurking in the background

A few days later, by chance, we came across these guys again wandering along the track towards our house and so we invited them in for coffee and more chat. I suspect we wasted a lot of their walking time but, as they were really nice folks we invited them to join us on a walk around Sandras Yaylı Köyü (Sandras Mountain Village), the Yuvarlakçay River valley and a late lunch at our favourite restaurant Derin Vadi. It was a chance for them to experience the countryside away from the madding, touristic crowds.

As most of you know, I’m not much of a one for photos of people so you and they will have to make do with a few of my portraits taken whilst in their company:

wolf spider and young

a very beautiful seven-legged wolf spider with her young

wolf spider with young

euphorbia or spurge hawkmoth caterpillerEuphorbia or Spurge Hawkmoth caterpillar and the adult

Spurge Hawkmoth

spurge hawk caterpillar

bucolic scene

village life

Common Darter Sympetrum striolatumCommon Darter – Sympetrum striolatum

Red-horned poppy

finally, a handsome Red-horned poppy – Glaucium corniculatum

There was plenty of other stuff, but you know how it is with these things, so much time is spent chatting away and exchanging views that the chance has been and gone!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

14 thoughts on “Chance

    1. I’d settle for a ‘Dawdle’ as the group always moves at the pace of the slowest – ie the one wearing ballet pumps or sandels!!!

  1. Oh, lucky smart people to have bought your guide and by ‘chance’, wander by your house and end up with an A and J ramble. The photos are some of your best, Alan. Truly, they’re great. Best to J.

  2. So glad you took up to this “chance”, bet delightful company – and well done to them to get your wonderful guide!!” – I agree with SDs, the photos are amazing! Mark is on a residential trip with school, this will be saved to show to him, he will be amazed by that spider!! many thanks for sharing with us, selamlar, Ozlem

  3. Great Photo’s even if it is a spider !!!!! glad you enjoyed your walk.

  4. You do realise that there will be many more folks now just “passing by” in the hope of a personal guided tour. What’s the map reference again?

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