Incredible Okçular!

Birth Of The Blues!

IDF Caterpillar Armoured Bulldozer
Caterpillar D9 Armoured Bulldozer

The monster started its destruction early today; 7 o’clock to be precise! Its engine roared and its tracks clanked as it heaved itself away from our gateway and off up the hillside a couple of hundred metres away. This beast is definitely on contract as opposed to the rest of the critters which are assuredly government trained and fed and don’t get going much before eight twenty!

The creature is a D9 Caterpillar Bulldozer – here’s a picture of one that’s used by the Orwellian named Israeli Defence Forces to demolish the West Bank. ‘Ours’ is painted bright yellow and lacks the bullet-proof glass – otherwise it’s identical.

Anyway, having had our day got off to a great start, J and I decided to go for a good, long walk to see if we couldn’t rediscover some of the very good reasons why we live where we do. It was a great walk as we hauled ourselves up narrow valleys and through fine pine forests – stopping regularly to admire some of the beautiful flora and fantastic views.

By the time we got home my knees were having a right grumble and it will be a couple of days before they regain their normal creaky state! As I went through the photos I’d taken I was struck by the number of blue(ish) flowers in the pack – maybe it was a reflection of how the day began – it was certainly a reflection of how these beautiful gems had lifted my morning blues! Here’s a few to admire and enjoy.

Anemone coronaria
Anemone coronaria


Sand Crocus Romulea tempskyana
Sand Crocus Romulea tempskyana













Iris unguicularis ssp carica (Algerian Iris)
Iris unguicularis ssp carica (Algerian Iris)
Sand Crocus - Romulea tempskyana
Sand Crocus - Romulea tempskyana










Algerian Iris - Iris-unguicularis-ssp-carica
Algerian Iris - Iris-unguicularis-ssp-carica





Cyclamen alpinum
Cyclamen alpinum






















OK! The Cyclamen is pink, but I was wearing tinted specs at the time and it is rather beautiful!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

12 thoughts on “Birth Of The Blues!

  1. Another flower to add to my (lack of) knowledge of flora and fauna. Thanks. I took a photograph of a solitary Algerian Iris a few years back when we were trekking. Beautiful! It’s only now I know what it is.

    So, are you gonna have a huge road right near you now? We’re in the same boat here but kind of expected it when we moved in just over 8 years ago so we’re not surprised really.


    1. No, it’s the main Ortaca-Dalyan they’re doing. The belediyes are collaborating so we have all their big diggers, all their trucks, a huge front loader and now this great monster D9. They are literally removing the mountain from between two gullies – our track is shot to bits and the noise is awful – Ho-hum! 😀

    1. Apt description! J and I will be taking Kaptan June up the mountain to a ‘secret’ place where the whole hillside is blue with them – bit like a bluebell wood. There will be a few orchids to see as well.

  2. Man that Caterpiller bulldozer does look awful. Thank goodness you have such beautiful flora and fauna around you to cheer you up. Strangely enough I went to look on your blog today and I typed in Archers of Okular and a site came up saying “Archers of Okular- Fix Broken Heart”. Never know what you are going to get on the web. Still, I hope all this destruction is not breaking your heart. Glad you and J are doing lots of walking to keep your spirits up.

    1. Thanks for the sentiments Trish – the monster went a way yesterday having lowered the terrain somewhat. I’ve heard on the grapevine that the quarry may not be open much longer – once they have what they need for the stretch of road the license expires. Nature Park, as promised? Hmmmm!
      Strange about the ‘Broken Heart’ thing.

  3. Hello A & J,
    Good to see you last week. Shocked and horrified with what is happening around you and the main road too. Couldn’t believe the difference since October. Our short visit just proved how quickly life can change when the powers that ‘be’ move. Feel so sorry for you with those awful machines moving your landscape and thanking our gods (those who protect animals and the environment) that there is a) still something left so far and b) glad we are not in the baraka near you watching it all and champing at the bit. Penny would definitely be lying down in the road in front of the bulldozer.
    Be positive and hope that when they have finished this stupidity it WILL all grow back. Our thoughts are with you, till we can help more in body.

    1. Hello you two! Good to have you commenting – this will be over, sooner rather than later and the quarry is only licensed for the road job. With regard to lying down in the road, remind me to tell you the story about when J and I went to the Jandarma to explain that we were going to be doing just that to stop the Kocadere quarry – hilarious!

  4. Such beautiful flowers! They remind me to slow down in my daily routine and try to enjoy what nature has to offer.

    1. Hello Colin! Welcome to Archers and sorry for the tardy reply – I’ve rather let myself get ‘under the circumstances’ of late. It’s been hard to deal with the destruction and noise. You’re right, the flowers are beautiful and a reminder that in the end Mother Nature will endure, even if humankind messes things up for a while.
      Thanks for your interest.

    1. Ahh! The kick in the arse – you’re right, of course. You shall have it tomorrow evening (my time) as we are taking Gulay to a local artists ‘thingy’ tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for the reminder 😀

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