Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted!

Archers is an ‘Ad-Free Zone’! There would be no posts, or posters, about this restaurant or that hotel no matter how good they might be. Any stray thoughts of a bit of ‘fly-posting’ would be ruthlessly hunted down and stomped upon. Company policy – no exceptions and all that stuff. And then yesterday happened!

J and I had wandered down to Dalyan’s İztuzu Beach for a late swim – the sun was dipping, the crowds were dispersing, the air was cooler and the sea very comfortable. Not being frequent visitors it was a chance to catch up with the latest in beach fashion from burqini to bikini to old men in ‘silly trouser fairy’ middies! This world famous beach has amazing views wherever you look!

sunset İztuzu Beach, Dalyan

Anyway, feeling suitably mellow we took ourselves up to one of our favourite out-of-the-way watering holes in the tiny village of Kışlar (in reality a mahalle of Gökbel) just a few short kilometres from the beach. Called ‘Sunset Restaurant’ it lives up to its name as long as you are there at the right time. The setting is stunning, especially as the sun sinks behind the mountains.

sunset at the Sunset

The ‘Sunset’ is an unpretentiously simple place with limited tables that is owned and run by Bekir and his Georgian wife. The beer is cold, the food is splendid and the setting . . well, we’ve already covered that! Their menu is limited and doesn’t vary – in fact, you could write it on the back of a matchbox or business card – which is exactly what Bekir has done! Everything is prepared to order so don’t expect ‘Ronald MacDonald’ fast food service – have another drink and chill! These guys know how to do what they do and they do it very well.

economy of scale – card and menu combo

I wouldn’t dream of promoting one dish over another, suffice to say that if I don’t get my Haçapuri (a sort of light, fluffy bread stuffed with egg and cheese recipe from Georgia) and Biber Köftesi (long, green peppers coated in Köfte (meat with spices) and grilled) I’m going to feel very deprived!

Haçapuri – a quick photo before it’s all gone

As I said, Archers is not here to advertise any business enterprise no matter how good; if you want to try the ‘Sunset’ you’ll have to do your own detective work to find it. Either that, or check the details on the card/menu photo (just don’t waste your time on the websites they went down long ago).

Oh, and by the way – Bill Stickers never dun it. ‘onest, Guv!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

ps bowing to outrageous pressure from the Fethiye mafia @ Turkey’s For Life here’s a map to help you find the place:

View Sunset Restaurant Near Dalyan in a larger map

18 thoughts on “Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted!

  1. We will have to seek the place out. Though, compared to our favourite restaurant in Tire the menu appears a little on the epic side…
    (at Tire you have the option of taking your kofte with or without tomatoes(

  2. Georgian food is the most underrated food in the world. We took a trip to Georgia a couple of years ago and almost died of pleasure. Not just of the fabulous, fabulous food but also of the homemade wine. Heavenly! Thanks for reminding us of it.

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