'Burası Türkiye!' 'This is Turkey!'

Beryl Cook and the Bums of Gölcuk

I have just read the latest post by Annie @ Back to Bodrum which includes the following; ‘Big bottoms in baggy trousers are bent over their fields planting pepper seedlings.’ By coincidence, J and I were on a walk around the lake here at Gölcuk when we were  ‘presented’ with this irresistible photo opportunity. The late Beryl Cook made a very comfortable living from depicting ample bums and boobs – if she had ever holidayed in Turkey she could  have died a multi-millionaire. Hmmmm! Perhaps she did!

Here’s what was presented to us by the Red-Hot Chilli Pepper planters; but first a few of the incomparable Ms Cook’s wonderful observations of life.

the lady herself - by herself
ample sufficiency


Ladies Night
The Trio

. . and finally . .

the Red-Hot Chilli Pepper Planters of Gölcuk

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  1. Absolutely sooperb! 🙂 made me laugh so hard I nearly choked on a cherry stone
    I can’t help now thinking that it could also be a race and that you could do a brilliant commentary to it …… 🙂

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