Being A Deviant

Once again ‘Archers’ is deviating from the straight and narrow to introduce you to a fellow deviant – Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent ‘socialist’ from Vermont, a state with the motto ‘Freedom and Unity’ something Sanders believes in with passion.

This is likely the speech that launched the concept of the 1% – 99% and the Wall Street criminals.

Bernie Sanders is a decent man, do take a few minutes to listen to him.

2 thoughts on “Being A Deviant

  1. Sanders is a one of a kind. While I don’t agree with most of his views, I reserve the right to let him voice his views. That is how we do it in the USA.

  2. Hello again, Stan. ‘one of a kind’? There are a lot more of us than you might think! The US, like the rest of the Western so-called democracies are mostly smoke and mirrors when it comes to REAL freedom of choice. Understanding the true depths of their perfidious character lays bare the wickedness that they perpetrate globally in pursuit of their obscene profits. Love to sit down over coffee one day . .

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