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Beauty and the Beast

J’s garden in a magical and mysterious place – a place where myth and legend and reality meld together; where beautiful virgin maidens peep shyly from behind trees and share their world with mighty, sulfur-belching dragons!

dragons and maidens

The beautiful virgins used to hang about just outside of our garden in the village graveyard, but the peace and tranquility they enjoyed there was disrupted by landscaping ‘improvements’. Imagine my delight today, to find a whole bunch of them had upped roots and settled in an ‘unimproved’ area of our plot. They join a ever-growing community of refugees from persecution by the dark forces of ‘Progress’!

Not far away, across the garden, can be found a nest of dragons in their lair – we generally peer at them from distance as the stench of their breath is best likened to that which accompanies the putrid smell of a rotting carcass in the hot sun! That said, they are the most stunningly beautiful creatures to behold with the sun light glinting in shades of green and purple and black off their leathery hides. Their only victims seem to be flies attracted by the offer of a free lunch!

Today I was able to capture a picture of the virgins as they danced in the dappled light of our woodland glade. Then, with luck on my side and a following breeze, I crept up behind a family of dragons and captured these shots before being driven off.

Welcome to our fantasy corner in  Okçular.

Vestal Virgins - Orchis sancta - the Holy Orchid




















The Dragon King - Dracunculus vulgaris - the Dragon Arum
The Royal Family - Dragon Arum or 'Snake Plant'
J and me away with the fairies















Alan Fenn, Fairyland ( Okçular Köyü)

16 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. I caught a whiff of a dragon today while watering towards the corners of our garden. As I was in my trust Birkenstocks, I didn’t venture too far, so it could also be a dead hog! Note to self – wear wellies.

  2. “Beauty and the Beast” is a love story between a beautiful lady and a prince-turned-beast. The story takes place within the confines of the beast’s dark castle, where the beautiful lady is being kept as a prisoner..

  3. I love this post, I like its metaphorical way of perceiving beauty in Okçular. At first I thought I was reading a magical story book with the introduction. LOL. The pictures are all so beautiful.

  4. Amazing! I have never seen anything like those dragon plants….I can just imagine all the innocent, sweet virgins escaping from such aggressive, smelly sword-like masculinity! Just think when you turn your back, all the action going on in your garden!
    Please– more wonderful pictures, I love them.

  5. Thanks Trisha! They are pretty wonderful – I think J would be happy to have nature take over the whole plot as long as it was her choice. There will be more for we are off to the mountains.

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