Every couple of days, summer and winter, J and I get up early enough to beat the sun and stretch our ageing muscles and creaky joints by pounding the track from our house to a little valley, known locally as Azmandere, just outside our neighbouring village.


There the villagers have created a very pleasant picnic area with tables, benches, platforms and places for a ‘barby’. Many different trees have been planted and water, fit for drinking,  flows year-round. The village holds a very jolly communal picnic each year with live music and much singing and dancing – everyone is made welcome.


The water flowing in the dere/stream is home to the beautiful Epallage fatima – the Odalisque damselfly. In the past I’ve collected DNA samples that have found their way to researchers around the world. Azman really is a little oasis in many ways.

Epallage fatime - Odalisque damselfly in tandem

Epallage fatime – the odalisque Damselfly in tandem (both photos from Azman)

Epallage fatime

The track has many flowery distractions as the seasons flow into each other. Now, as the heat of summer melts away into the gentle welcome of our ‘spring’ the bulbous plants are beginning their version of the Chelsea Flower Show alongside their tougher, heat-tolerant neighbours.

Urginea maritima (Sea Squill) 03_1

Urginea maritima (Sea Squill) 04_1Sea Squill –Urginea maritima

Colchicum variagatum 01_1the stunning Colchicum variegatum



the Chaste Tree – Vitex agnus-castus used for centuries to keep lustful monks in order

Scilla autumnalisAutumn Squill – Scilla autumnalis

Erica sicula

a variety of heather – Erica sicula

europea heliotrope2

amazingly tough European Heliotrope – Heliotropium europaeum


much maligned Stink Aster – Inula viscosa

A few days ago, midst all this beauty, there was an ugly incident; on one of our non-walking days the body of a man was discovered dumped or left beside the rubbish bin on site. It appears that he was stabbed and shot! The investigation is ongoing. Azman is never going to feel quite the same again!


Asman body

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

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    1. . . these things are usually associated with a) friends drinking and then falling out b) family honour and are usually solved fairly quickly. There are too many guns too freely available here and they are used, often as a first resort.
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  1. Goodness dear Alan, very sorry to hear it.. it is hard to take it all in the world affairs at the moment, seems like cruelty everywhere.. But I agree with Jack, do not let this spoil it for you; it’s a beautiful part of the world and there are some really wonderful folks out there. Take care, please keep on sharing this beautiful nature with us. Sana ve J’ye cok selamlar, sevgiler, Ozlem
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  2. Alan, Oof! There I was, after looking at your wonderful photos, thinking that Azman was a garden of eden. It’s true that violence here is almost always directed within the family, not that that makes the crime easier to accept. Hope they find the perpetrator(s) soon. Take care and keep stretching those bones!
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