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After the excitement caused by the last posting about bottling your own rakı it’s time to come down to earth and get grounded in ‘normal’. And ‘normal’ for J and me equals pretty, bloody boring for you!

Mr Bean

I mean, if this blog is to maintain its position in the Google Premier League then I have to post regularly whether I, or you for that matter, like it or not! Algorithms rule so here we are, I’m trying to make the ordinary scintillatingly interesting and you’re trying to pretend you are not bored out of your brain.

Our life here at the cabin is mostly quiet and simple. We harvest our veg – potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, aubergines, melons, cabbages, tomatoes, beans, tobacco. There’s been an apple, a plum, a few peaches and the cennet elması/paradise apples/persimmon are coming on a treat. Dried they are scrummy!

We weed, grub out or layer the hedgerows, find interesting things to do with rocks and, after the success of this past season, widen the veggie plot and add plenty of goat manure.

Just in case you get the idea that the only person who works around here is J let me ask ‘Who do you think built the path? And who is up the ladder waterproofing the woodwork?’

When the cabin was built the exterior was done over with varnish – in my opinion a big mistake. It never lasts very well in extreme conditions like we experience up here. Hot summer sun and ice, snow and -20C in the winter. I use this stuff and find it works very well – it waterproofs wood, stone, concrete, you name it – they even use it to waterproof the domes of mosques!

Alan, back to the job in hand!

22 thoughts on “At Risk Of Being Boring

  1. I remember watching the varnish visibly peel off the window sills during the height of the summer – not literally but almost!

  2. Alan, you wont beleive but I am working on almost the same thing in istanbul… have tried many ways, spent so much money with no positive result! Will tell about it when I see you guys.. One advice, do not pretend that whatever you are applying will solve the problem! Water finds a way to seep thorough… so bear this in mind! and take stronger measures… all the best!

      1. This is actually a Sceptical Conclusion, it just appears to run up-hill.
        It’s in Ayrshire and it’s called the Prae Rae Electric Brae. My Mum, n Dad took me to see it when I was 11 ( 65 now ). So it certainly made an impression on me.

        If yo check out this link, you’ll be able to view it.


  3. Alan you life and posts are certainly not boring. Really pleased to hear you think about varnish the way I do. I don’t understand why it’s used as it just doesn’t weather well in extreme clients. I must look into the solution you mention it sounds good but I would be interested to know what it’s made from.
    All the best

  4. Alan. It’s amazing what you two have achieved since you bought the cabin. Just amazing. I come to Dalyan on Saturday just fir the week. I will be walking in your amazing valley. Will you still be in the mountains. Best as always. Mary

  5. That stuff would go down a bomb here…..I shall look it up and apply for an import licence!

  6. A and J, Well, to us, also known to be a very boring couple, you’re life is just the way we like it. Carry on. Love, J and M

  7. Is it creosote? Ashley is using polyurethane on the Greek house and he says it’s horrible to apply. But it is the right colour and we guess we are stuck with it now. Hoping to get some more gardening done next week. But first we must eradicate the blackberries!

  8. There’s nothing boring about you two, I’m absolutely sure of that. !!!!! Carry on enjoying your simple life it’s wonderful and I love hearing all about it.

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