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Annie Get Your Won!

Last post my Spell Checker took a dislike to ‘had had had’, or words to that effect! My Spell Checker is an arse that often takes a dislike to stuff I write – ‘arse’ is a good example – if I write a post on this machine running (mutter mutter) Microsoft Windows Blah! it wants to spell ‘arse’ as ‘ass’. In Inglish like wot she is spoke; an ass is a donkey (Equus africanus asinus) – it is also, by extension, a Bloody Fool; which perfectly describes my Microsoft Spell Checker! On my other machine, which runs the very civilised Ubuntu open source operating system, it is never a problem – by definition it understands Swahili and English and every other language in this universe – and the next!

Anyway, as a result of my irritation with Microsoft Spell Checkers, I rashly posed a challenge to anyone who could be bothered or who had nothing better to do, to demonstrate the superior power of the human intellect over the bloody machines from hell by answering the following – ‘how many times can ‘and’ follow ‘and’ in a sentence and make sense?’

There was a prize to be won! An ‘Okçular Village – a Guide’ book or an ‘Okçular Book Project’ t-shirt in 100% cotton, one size fits all XXL.

There is only one answer; and only one winner – Annie from the delightful ‘Back to Bodrum‘ blog – she wisely chose the book (gawd knows what she would have looked like in an XXL t-shirt with a tree on the front).

The Okçular Book Project exists to serve one purpose – to raise funds for environmental and community projects within our village. All income from sales of our books goes to this end – nothing is taken by way of commission or expenses. To date funds have been used to provide the children with a play park; we’ve decorated all of the junior school buildings with magnificent murals, created gardens and planted flowers and trees; we restored a wonderful, ‘antique’ garden chess set and provided an outdoor board for the school chess club. Next we created a village photo archive and publicly display some of the wonderful old photos at the village centre. Finally, we’ve provided wi-fi for all the classrooms, a library of reading books, expensive toner packs for photocopying worksheets and racks for 20 bikes at the village school. We want to do so much more.

Don’t forget, if you are coming to our area and want to do some serious walking or cycling then there is the essential ‘Backways and Trackways’ guide available from our village website or the ‘Book Bazaar’ tab above, a remarkably good aid to exploring the area.

Congratulations Annie! Here’s hoping you enjoy the book – and here’s hoping you’ll become an ‘ambassador’ for the Book Project (every coin has an obverse and a reverse – or so I’m told).

Oh, yes! Annies’ answer – ‘A greengrocer has a sign outside his stall, it reads Fruitandveg for sale, shouldn’t it have gaps between “fruit” and “and” and “and” and “veg”?’ Which is spot on; although I always used a FishandChip Shop myself!!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

12 thoughts on “Annie Get Your Won!

  1. I’m sure I’d look stunning in the T-Shirt. I shall make sure I buy one when I use the book to get to your village.

    Thank you

    1. . . these are not your common-or-garden for sale t-shirts, Annie. These are kept for special people who support the Book Project. Tell you what, once you’ve read through the book if you do a promo/review of the books and the project (there’s background on this site and on BtoB, I’ll be delighted to make you a present of one.

  2. Alan, you and Annie are far too smart for senior dogs – good on you two! Which goes to prove how utterly vile, loathsome and odious Spell Checker is!! Don’t get us started, but when J was teaching English and tried to create exercise sheets for her students which include deliberately leaving blanks and mistakes, that thing almost drove her over the edge. Thanks for exposing this nasty #%@&#!

    1. . . truth to tell, we could always turn the damn thing off, but . . . when writing anything I tend to clatter through with my head off up the road (so to speak) and my fingers trying to catch up. One thing I am not is meticulous! So, Spell-Checker is useful for picking up the glaring mistakes, it’s all the other stuff it objects to that gets irritating, so I can well imagine the frustration caused by your example above.

  3. Well done Annie -this is beyond me!:)- I greatly admire all you do for the Okcular & surroundings, just wonderful. By the way, your blog has been at my latest post; greatly enjoy your posts and adventures! keep exploring 🙂

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