Regular readers will know that the only fly in my otherwise idyllic ointment of life is . . . decrepitude! Bits, usually with bones attached, keep wearing out, seizing up or generally failing to be fit for purpose. I last moaned about it a few months ago – if you can be bothered here’s a link.

Anyway, having got my right knee sorted after months of treatment J and I were looking forward to traipsing hand in hand through the flowers of many a mountain meadow.

the dream

. . was short-lived! Within days the Happy Wanderer was feeling like an instant train wreck.

A period of self-doctoring à la must-be-the-same-as-the-other-knee proved to be time well wasted! So, it was bite the bullet and let the real doctors do their job. Various scans showed that the joint was a right mess and an operation to clean out, scour, polish and generally tidy up the site was advised. Apart from the fact that the national holiday got in the way it was, as is usual here in Turkey, a next day job!

Following the whole procedure on a tv monitor is part of the fun – like taking a virtual boat trip through some weird, underground labyrinth full of stalagmites and stalactites. All it needed to complete the illusion was coloured lights!

So, where are we now? Pain has gone and I sleep at nights which means I’m not as much of a grumpy old bastard as I used to be. We are back up at the cabin, I’m mobile after a fashion and it’s only a matter of time before those mountain meadows will once again be in range. I’m happy and it only leaves me to thank the skill of the medical staff and the efficiency of the health service here in Turkey.

Alan – life, ain’t it great!

20 thoughts on “‘ands, Knees And Bumps-a-Daisy

  1. Hi Alan. So sorry to hear of the knee pain and the operation. Delighted it’s all now repaired and working well. Enjoy life. Best wishes. Mary

  2. You go you good thing. I had a knee reconstruction in Mersin nearly 1 year ago. It took a long time to be back to the point that I am now, not exactly 100% maybe 87%. But I must admit now that I am up and running the pain is minimal and it reminds me that my right leg kinda sucks.

    Gecmis olsen.

  3. Really pleased it was all good news ” that’s brilliant” and even more pleased your no longer a grumpy old man. !!!!! I’m sure it won’t be too long before you are wearing your old walking boots again. Take care.

  4. Alan,
    Whew! so glad you got that done. Waiting for the 10-day holiday to end must have been quite a pain. Happily, doctors here in Turkey are good as gold. So no wonder under the circumstances, you’re making some consoling beverage. Cheers and geçmiş olsun! Love, J and M

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