All Consuming

ouroborosOuroboros – a symbol that is almost as old as humanity. The depiction of a serpent devouring itself, despite the sinister look of the thing, is actually a symbol of hope and renewal. That the past may disappear from view but is still actually there, hidden away as the serpent ‘grows’ into the future. Personally, I interpret it somewhat differently. I see it as representative of the present political-economic-industrial system as it devours itself before it inevitably drowns in its own shit!

Do snakes actually do such a thing? Could it be possible? Actually, it is not unknown . .


a real live Boa Consumer – Boidae capitalisticae – seeing is believing

Anyway, back to this system that is consuming itself and destroying lives and the global environment in its greedy desire to own everything. In the midst of the horrific pictures of capitalist wars to control resources that have thousands of men, women and children blown to pieces,  maimed or drowned in their desperation to escape conflict, a reminder that there is so much beauty that is being lost along with the lives and dreams of the Innocents.


The planet will not die. Mother Earth will change and evolve and a million years from now this Blue Sphere will still be blue and it will still be beautiful. If any humans succeed in surviving through what lies ahead then one can only hope that they show greater wisdom than we did.

Meanwhile, in the absence of much travelling about on my part, here are a few of my favourite photos of things I love. I hope they lift your spirits, too:


robber rhino0031

Ruby-tailed Wasp008



Syrian Squirrel (up close)

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

16 thoughts on “All Consuming

  1. Alan, I’d say that the 99% are doing a damn good job of doing the rest of us out of the world’s wealth. Don’t think there’ll be much left for us by the time they manage to do in the entire planet along with themselves. Our answer: Barkeep, pour me another!

    1. ‘. . shame aj me, Guv – doubles all round!’ (J has just pointed out that my attempt at drunken dialogue has not worked – must be pished ;-D)

    1. . . what we are seeing in this region due to FUKUS/NATO/Saudi/GCC/Israeli terrorism is the most appalling tragedy – the result of war crimes. Finding beauty is indeed a sanity-saver.

    1. Thank you Özlem and from us to you and yours 🙂 This morning we had breakfast with the family of our local restaurant and they enquired about you – we told them that when you visit we will take you there.

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