'Burası Türkiye!' 'This is Turkey!'

All Change!

J and I had been expecting to be zooming up to our mountain hideaway tomorrow (Tuesday) for the finishing off of our cabin, but ‘the best laid plans . .’ etc, etc! Well, ‘Burası Türkiye!’ ‘This is Turkey!’


we view certain things differently, J will immediately notice the spelling mistake – doesn’t worry me, I’ll find a use for it some day

Since we were last there, we have been gathering up stuff that is surplus to requirements here and boxing them up ready to start their new life up there. J has been gleefully clearing out cupboard-loads of stuff that hasn’t been used in 18 years but that I have been reluctant to get rid of because ‘ it might have come in useful one day’. That day has arrived! My plan-ahead, long-term strategy (J calls it hoarding) has been vindicated!

Between cleaning the dust off suddenly useful stuff/objects and packing them in boxes there has been time to clean up  some long-relegated-to-the-garage wooden shelves and put together a couple of stools made from firewood.

stool and tea machine

we bought the tea maker in Erzurum 15 years ago – never been used

Anyway, back to the ‘best laid plans’ scenario – the chippy had been hoping to have the kitchen units and the wooden windows finished and ready to install but several days without power at his workshop set him back. So, Thursday will be the Grand Opening Day and, with a bit of luck and a tail wind, if all our threads come together we may well be able to spend our first night in our new hidey-hole. What is amazing is that it is just three months to the day since we first had the title deeds in our hands!

The delay was just as well, because at 10 o’clock this morning we had a somewhat delayed delivery of this lot . .

village wood supply Turkey

our annual supply of villagers’ firewood

village wood supply

three hours of graft later we’d made a serious impression on it as you can see (not)!

Burası Türkiye! In so many wonderful, unexpected ways.

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

18 thoughts on “All Change!

  1. Hi Alan. Delighted you are nearly there, we wish you both good health and happiness in your new home. My only sadness would be if you move there all the time and we never see you in Dalyan when we are walking the beautiful valley. Hope this is not the case but if it is, it was so good to have met you both. Mary

  2. Don’t go cluttering up your new mountain retreat before you’ve even spent your first night there! J, you must put your foot down now or face the consequences. It really is quite incredible that this all happened in three short months. Thanks to capable workers, good weather and a couple of highly motivated folks with a vision of what was possible. Güle güle kulanin!

    1. you two can get back in your kennel, I have quite enough of that stuff to deal with as it is ;-D As for the speed of things, it has been truly incredible!

    1. Life has felt chock-a-block these past few month and now we are getting close to the first finishing line (there are still fruit/nut trees to plant and a pond to build – yavaş, yavaş).

  3. Thank goodness we got rid of most of our spare stuff (junk) this year or I may be thinking “Let’s build a new place further up the hill to house our things that we haven’t/won’t use” Phew- close call!

  4. It’s all looking great I can see you can’t wait to spent your first night in your ” Hidey Hole ” and who can blame you. I bet your feeling very pleased with your self for being very reluctant to get rid of all that useless stuff !!!!!! you knew it would come into it’s own one of these days didn’t you. I’m really pleased for you both that the day has now come. !!! I know your both going to be very happy up there cuddle up !!!! in your lovely ” Hidey Hole ” with lot’s of lovely neighbours. All the best xx

  5. Forgot to say how much I love the Tea pot. I shall love to see your” Hidey Hole” hope It won’t be too long a wait.

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  7. Your cabin is starting to look great! There is nothing like the peace and the serenity that the kind of isolation a cabin in the woods or the mountains offers. I hope that you enjoy it because you definitely deserve it after doing all of that work!!

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