Ahhhh! Didums! A Tale of Two Bugs

It’s good to be back! This past week has not been much fun – what with the plumber (again) and the bugs.

whole lot of holes

The plumber has at last tracked down and repaired the leak. It took a lot of smashing out of tiles from walls and floors in various rooms but the leak is now history. The holes everywhere are not! I insisted that they stay open for a while to allow stuff to dry out and to satisfy myself that the leaks really were stopped.

Now I just have to hope that when the man comes back to ‘reinstate’ everything he will have been able to find the same patterns of tiles to patch up with; otherwise the house is going to look as if we fitted it out from the demolition yard!

Whilst that business was going on I decided to sort out my trusty old laptop that runs all of my mainmeans of communicating with the outside world using Linux Ubuntu open source software. Now, I love Ubuntu and its relatives because they work, they’re free and they’re very tolerant of my fiddling about and ‘experimenting’.

J says I’m a geek! She may be right for once because that laptop was host to five different operating systems and countless mods, tweaks and hardly ever used programmes – it was amazing that it continued to work at all.

What it did do was slow down somewhat, so I decided to chuck everything away and do a clean re-install of the operating system I use the most. Linux systems are great for stuff like this because you can keep different bits on different partitions of your hard drive and when you chuck away your operating system (or systems) and do a re-install, your files, documents and emails are all waiting to be picked up again.

That’s the theory, anyway, and it had always worked in the past. What I hadn’t allowed for was the fact that not every programme (email for example) is compatible if it hasn’t got its ‘parent’ operating system and library of files to fall back on. There I was with a pristine, fast system again and no easy way to reintegrate my email folders with the programme that wouldn’t work without I put at least one more operating system on the machine.

So, three days were spent cursing and mumbling before things were sorted – well, better than sorted, actually because I discovered this fabulous little app that lets me run my new email programme with an internal web browser. How cool is that?

I was so excited I felt a new post coming on!

Then I got ‘man-flu’ whatever the hell that is supposed to be. Why is it that whenever a bloke gets to feel a bit under the weather women start to snigger and mutter about ‘man-flu’? Women, of course, don’t get flu, man type or otherwise; or, if they do, it’s never bad enough for us blokes to notice; unless they need to be hospitalised that is – then we pay attention! Talking of paying attention; aren’t women supposed to be the empathetic ones?

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

7 thoughts on “Ahhhh! Didums! A Tale of Two Bugs

  1. Alan, I fear you are a geek. Life’s too short to be mucking about with operating systems. As for man flu. Men will tell who that this gender specific bug is more virulent than the female version. Women, on the hand, will tell you that it’s just a little cold and men are big babies who can’t cope with the sniffles.

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