A Right Stitch-Up

So, here we are! It’s been a while because, truth to tell, blogging (along with much else) seemed rather inconsequential with all that had gone down. Staying focused long enough to string more than a few words together wasn’t happening.

There were still plenty of jobs/chores to do and so it was that yesterday morning found me up the step-ladder, saw in hand pruning off some largish branches from one of our many trees. Somehow, my legs, the branch and the steps got mixed up and, as the old nursery rhyme goes ‘Jack fell down and . .’ Crown’s intact but the old rib cage and backside feel as though they’ve been through a right kicking the like of which I haven’t experienced since I was a young ‘Tom’ in the army!

DontLandOnFeetAs nothing apart from my dignity appeared to be bruised at the time, I carried on and it was only about an hour later that I noticed that my sleeve was wet. Closer examination showed a rather neat gash on the elbow that required five stitches to pull together! J, who would ban me from ever going near a ladder, was not amused to have to leave her brewing up of piccalilli to drive me to hospital where the service was, as ever, first rate.

‘No sense, no feeling!’ I hear you mutter – or, as my mother used to empathise ‘Stop bloody grizzlin’. It’s too far away from your ‘ead to ‘urt cha!’ I suppose I should look on the bright side and be glad I hadn’t bothered to haul out the chain saw instead of the bowsaw!

Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

25 thoughts on “A Right Stitch-Up

  1. ‘looking on the bright side”:) that’s the motto dear Alan; lovely to see you in action and very best wishes to you for 2014 – keep the photos and posts coming 🙂 Cok selam ve sevgiler, Ozlem

  2. Oh, a friend here hurt herself (slipped and cracked her fingers) and, when I first put her injury into google translate it came out:

    “I fractured my foot, my dear fingers dematerialized”

    I hope no parts of you dematerialise….

  3. Oof! Be careful – I spend half my life telling my husband not to climb wonky ladders. Thank goodness you didn’t have your chainsaw going.
    Wishing you an accident-free, healthy New Year.

  4. Oooops!! laughing out loud at “Urt cha” – another lovely saying from folks used to be “no sense no feeling” – I would never say that to you though!! Arnica to bring out the bruising and hope you feel better soon. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year x

    1. Yes, my mother was not the most cultured of persons – neither was she of a warm-blooded species. Her terms of endearment ranged from ‘little sod!’ through ‘you bleeder!’ to ‘little bugger!’ I may not have understood the words, but just like a dog, I got the tone of voice 🙂

  5. I can empathise with the elbow cut but not the tree fall!! I had a fall and tore the skin over my elbow; my husband, being medical, said that it really needed stitching but as we were due out that evening we didn’t have time to go to the local A&E. Instead he used lots of steri-strips and a large bandage. It worked but I have a rather jagged scar!

  6. . . I can hear the violins! You ladies can be so unsympathetic – you know us blokes always suffer more than you. A night out after that? We’re you in the paras too?

    1. . . of course she was right – which, as is usual in these cases, doesn’t help me to feel any better about being stupid (again)! Thank you for the get well bit 🙂

  7. Hahaha. I picture made me laugh. But damn, that must have really hurt. Scars hurt pretty bad but then it also hurts when it is healing. It is a painful process through and through.

  8. Well in this case you can now say you defo know your arse from your Elbow! I hope you’ll think twice next time (I doubt it…) and if J’s piccalilli has gone awry as a result of it, you’ll be reminded every time you have a cheese sarni! I would say onward and upward, but we’ll just stick with onward for the time being. Hope you feel better soon x

    1. . . you are such a smart-arse Elven One! I expect sympathy in such circumstances – you can buy the cappuccino next time!

  9. Oh Alan — you crazy nut, stop climbing on ladders, and don’t walk under them either– you’re a klutz, not a Kat. Just kidding. Seriously though, I hope you are back in shape soon and while you are recovering, I think you should get back out in your yard while you are recovering and take some more of those awesome super-close-up wild-life photos.

    1. . . got a little treat coming – takes a while for me to do because of the file size and our lack of bandwidth – keep watching!

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