Incredible Okçular!

A Little Light Relief

. . from all the crap that is going on in the world. A reminder that there is still beauty to be found . . if we look closely enough! Taken this morning in my garden in Okçular.

Robber Flt

Robber Fly

Robber Fly

Rhino Beetle – Oryctes nasicornis

I know, I should get out more often! As it happens, J and I are off to hunt for Blue Slugs in the Kaçkar Mountains in a few days – now that is something for me to get my teeth into!

Alan Fenn, soon to be somewhere else for a while!

16 thoughts on “A Little Light Relief

  1. Hi Alan. I love the insect people from your garden. Thank you for posting them. Best wishes to you both. Hope you find your slugs. Mary xx

    1. Hi Annie – rained every day bar one! The slugs were found very early on which was not according to plan – it was supposed to take a week. We’ve had to fill in the hours visiting beautiful valleys, villages, cloud forest, etc Sooo disappointed 😉

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